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how to grow your own basil on the allotment
Growing Basil From Seed – Real Men Sow
Basil is a real taste-of-summer crop, especially when used in Mediterranean-style dishes with tomatoes, garlic, and cheese. And the good news is that now is a perfect time to sow…
tips for successful parsnip germination
Parsnip Seedlings and Sowing Tips
When I first started outgrowing my own veg, one of the crops I was most excited about growing was the good old parsnip seedlings. Trouble was, I found them a…
are broad beans worth growing
How to Grow Broad Beans And Harvest Them
I enjoy growing broad beans. They’re attractive plants, with sweet little beans and are one of the first crops of a new season. As an extra bonus, they’re very hardy…
few tips for buying seeds
Cheap Vegetable Seeds In The UK
Christmas is here, and the time has come for me to decide which vegetable seeds I’m going to sow in the growing season. Doing this over Chrimbo has become an…
peas up a wigwam
Sweet Pea Wigwam Planting Tips From Expert
In the spirit of experimenting with space-saving growing methods, I decided to try growing sweet peas up a wigwam this year. I’ve just made my first harvest of mangetout, and…
Allotment Cakes for the Weekend
Damson Cake Recipe From The Allotment
When I originally talked about Allotment Cakes for the Weekend, I mentioned resourcefulness. With this time of year very much forcing me into the store cupboard and freezer, this weekend’s…
Favourite Allotment Cakes
7 Allotment Cake Recipe Ideas for Birthdays
Real Men Sow is one year old on Thursday. To celebrate this landmark, I’d planned many exciting events and ideas, like sister sites and world allotment domination. In the end,…
the future for rosemary and thyme
Grow Rosemary Plant in Your Garden
With hindsight, maybe I should have then planted the cuttings into a bigger pot so that I could move the rosemary inside when the weather is very cold, but instead,…
peas in containers
Growing Peas In Pots The Right Way
I’ve been having after zero success with peas and mangetout on the allotment. I struggled with patchy germination, and what did come through shrivelled up and went to pea heaven…