What To Do With Broad Beans? Try these Delicious Recipes

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My broad beans are very nearly ready, and in line with most years, I’ve grown loads of them. So, I’ll be up to my neck in ‘em within a couple of weeks. I’m not alone, it seems. Everyone gets carried away with broad beans. Everywhere I look at the allotments there are whole rows of plants. So, what to do with all these broad beans?

I used to think about this. Boil them with some potatoes and serve with meat or fish. Then I had a hunt around and found the following delicious recipe ideas (plus one of my own that I’m quite proud of):

5 Ideas On What To Do With Broad Beans

Broad Bean Falafels

These are really tasty as a simple dinner tucked into a pitta bread, salad leaves and yogurt.

Another bonus is that the other main ingredients are all in the season with the broad beans: spring onions, garlic, parsley, and best of all, the mint.

(I’d have to buy the spring onions though, as mine are useless).

Broad Bean Burgers

These burgers are similar to the Nordic Diet beetroot ones and just as delicious. Takes a little effort, but well worth it, especially if you’re lucky enough to be using freshly dug baby new potatoes as well.  I’ve tried this recipe before but I’m also keen on trying new ways. I haven’t tried barbequing them yet but very tempted to see what happens…

Mint and Goat’s Cheese Spread

I’m fortunate to live near the Springstep Goat’s Dairy, and they make the most gorgeous, softest goat’s cheese I’ve ever tasted. I love to bash it up with some boiled broad beans and chopped mint for a really luxurious sandwich filling.

Broad Beans on Toast

I have to confess that I love baked beans on toast. I have it at least once a week. Baked beans are like a meal in a tin.

But come June time, I get all high and mighty and ditch the tins and go for this simple, but yummy supper.

I’m all for quick meals this time of year when the sun’s out until late and this one’s a real winner.

Broad Bean and Pea Hummus

My peas are behind everyone else’s this year, mainly due to a wanton attack by the local slug population, so I’m going to have to wait before I can mix them with my broad beans for this simple but great tasting hummus.

It’s particularly good with a few early carrots for dipping.

One thing I love about eating allotment grub is the challenge of making use of the seasonal gluts that always seem unavoidable.

I think this year I could be on for even more broad beans than usual, so if anyone else has got an interesting recipe, please send it my way!

Real Men Sow
Real Men Sow

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  1. Hey Jono, I’ve got a broad bean related spreadsheet question: have you got a market price for fresh broad beans? I can’t find one anywhere and I want add it to my harvest spreadsheet. I presume you’ll have eaten a lot in June so will have it for your own spreadsheet.

    Hope you’re happy being all newlywed and everything 😉

    -louisa 🙂

  2. Your post has given me a way out of being stuck in just one recipe for broad beans. I haven’t tire of it yet but I sure welcome this new one that I learned. Bunch of thanks.

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