Grow Medicinal Crops in Pots at Home

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The most common definition of medicinal herbs is any plant you use medicinally. To grow medicinal crops can be beneficial to your garden and to you too. This can lead to some medicinal herbs not being what we think of as herbs. Basil, thyme, and rosemary are all good examples of medicinal herbs. Wild cherry tree bark and ginger root can also be used as medicine.

We’re listing mostly herbs that can be used to treat ailments. However, many herbs have other uses, such as being used to pollinate, human food sources, dyes, and other purposes.

How many medicinal herbs are there?

Humans have used thousands upon thousands of plants as medicine for thousands of years.

Is it safe to grow medicinal crops?

Humans have used herbal remedies for many years. Humans have used plants for medicine for thousands of years. It is important to consult a trained herbalist before you start any new protocol, especially if you are using any pharmaceuticals that can sometimes interact with herbal medicine.

Best medicinal crops and their uses

You may not know the medical needs of your family, but most medicinal herb gardens will benefit from these five plants.

Echinacea (Coneflower)

This gorgeous purple-pink flower is a delight for the eyes and a great pollinator plant. It is also one of the strongest immune-boosting herbs that you can grow.


Another plant that is pollinator-friendly, is the yarrow has delicate white flowers on long stalks. Although yarrow can be used internally to treat many ailments, it’s also good to use externally for wounds. It can also reduce swelling and stop bleeding.


Think skincare when you think of calendula! Calendula is a sunny yellow flower that soothes and nurtures the skin. They can also be used in oatmeal baths to treat sunburns or as a lotion to moisturize dry skin.


Tummy aches, no more! For tummy problems (or just to help you digest after eating a heavy meal), peppermint tea is a staple in my house. 


The classic, elegant, delicately shaped chamomile flower is a delight to grow in the garden. Additionally, a soothing cup of chamomile tea will help you drift off to a peaceful sleep.

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