Growing Greek Oregano From Cuttings

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Greek Oregano, a perennial herb, is a member of the mint family. This plant is a Mediterranean native and has been used for centuries as a medicine and in cooking. It can tolerate dry and poor soil conditions. This herb is more resistant to drought than other plants. Greek Oregano can also be propagated from seeds, but cuttings are also possible.

How To Grow Greek Oregano From Cuttings

You will need to grow greek oregano using cuttings

  • A small pot of 3 inches in diameter is ideal, with drainage.
  • Water
  • Rooting hormone (optional)

Before we go into the details, it is important to note that growing oregano using cuttings can be a slow process. It can take up to a year for you to harvest your new oregano plants, depending on how well you plan.

Step-By-Step Guide

Get A Hold Of Some Greek Oregano

You will need to start with some greek oregano cuts. It’s possible to grow your own oregano by simply cutting some non-flowering, healthy sprigs. It’s not a requirement to trim all the branches; sprigs of 4-6 inches in length will work.

Buy packs of fresh oregano at most farmers’ markets or grocery stores if you don’t have the space or know anyone who does. Although it is better to cut the sprigs directly from the plant, fresh sprigs should be sufficient to get you started.

Strip leaves off the bottom 2″ of the greek oregano sprig

After you have an oregano stem, remove the leaves at the bottom. This will make the base for your future roots. You can propagate the sprig immediately by cutting the tip at 45 degrees. This will allow the center of your sprig to be exposed again. You can keep the sprigs wrapped in plastic bags in your refrigerator if you don’t want to start propagating them.

[Optional Step] Dip the stem into a growth hormone

You have the option to dip the sprig’s stem into a rooting hormone. It is not necessary to use a growth hormone, especially for oregano which you will likely consume in the future. It may be necessary for some situations to ensure healthier roots. In many cases, you can do without it.

You can buy either the gel or powder form of a growth hormone at your local garden center if you want to have a healthier and faster root system. Simply dip the stem in water, then tip it into the growth hormone.

If you are planning to propagate greek oregano using a rooting hormone, it is important that you wait at least one year before eating any of the plant’s parts.

Place The Stem In A Glass Of Water For A Few Weeks Until Mature Roots Have Grown Before Planting

To ensure the stem is well-drained, you can use a potting mix if you have chosen to start the plant with growth hormone. These are small sprigs so it is best to plant them in a small pot or pack. This will make it easier to move the plant around as needed.

You won’t need to use a growth hormone if you don’t want to create a root structure prior to planting soil. Do this by placing your greek oregano stem in water with 2 inches of the stem completely submerged. You should see roots growing out of the stem within 3-4 weeks.

Once the plants have mature roots, you can plant them in potting soil. To ensure that the root system can grow into the soil immediately, make sure the stem is in contact with the soil.

Store The Stem And Pot In A Humid Climate And Water Occasionally For 6-8 Weeks

It will take a different time to root up and grow depending on the time of year. You’ll begin to see signs of growth after about 6-8 weeks.

Your greek oregano plants should be kept in a cool, dry place. This climate works best if you have a greenhouse. You can also achieve the same effect by covering the container and plant with a plastic bag. It’s possible to keep the plant outside depending on the climate outside.

Transplant shock is a condition where the leaves turn yellow over time. This happens because plants are not used to sudden changes. If this happens, you can simply remove the yellowed leaves and encourage more growth.

Care For Your New Greek Oregano Plant

Once your plant is established, it’s time to treat it as if you would any other young plant. It is important to ensure that your greek oregano plants get plenty of sunlight and water. However, it is best to keep the soil moist. It is important to take care of your oregano plants. You can eventually grow the oregano plants out of their original pots and plant them directly in the ground.

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