Wild Cherry (Prunus Avium ) Trees Growing

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Wild Cherry (Prunus Avium ) Trees Is also known as sweet cherry and gean. It is native to Europe, West Asia, and North Africa.  Wild cherry trees are simply stunning. The wild cherry tree is a beautiful way to mark the start of spring by displaying many flowers in pink and white. Although it is short, this period will transform your garden into an attractive space that announces spring’s return.

PlantingWild Cherry (Prunus Avium ) Trees

To give the wild cherry tree time to grow roots, it is best to plant it in the fall before any frost spells. Plant your wild cherry in winter. However, do not plant it if it freezes. It’s possible, just like with most trees purchased in containers or pots, to wait until spring to transplant it if you avoid too much heat.

This is why it is important to water your plants regularly for the first few months after they are planted. Wild cherries are attracted to soil that is rich in humus and well-drained. Avoid locations that are prone to drought. They can also tolerate acidic and alkaline soils (chalky).

Sowing Wild Cherry (Prunus Avium ) Trees

Wild cherry is not only one of the most delicious fruits of the year, but it is also one of our first trees to germinate in spring – usually at the end of February.

In mid-February, check to see how the roots are doing. It is time to sow. The roots should be about 5-10% with roots. Otherwise, the trees will become weaker and more irregularly shaped. Place 2 to 3 seeds in a pot, or spread them out so they are approximately 2 cm apart. Press or roll the soil and cover it with horticultural dust.

Keep an eye out for mice. You can cover your plants with netting, and your pots with wire mesh. You can remove the protection when the plants reach 10 cm in height.

General Care for Wild Cherry (Prunus Avium ) Trees

Pruning is not recommended for any Prunus tree. Therefore, the only thing you need to do is to remove dead and weak wood.

Prune the tree in winter when it is at rest. Do not cut any other branches than those that are dead or infected. For the largest branches, apply pruning paste.

Storage And Extraction of Seed

Cherry ripeness is a sign of softness, and they are often sweet and delicious. It is easy to extract them. To remove the flesh, either eat the cherry or use the mashing method. Then, spit the stone into a bucket. You will need to have a few buckets, a sieve and a flat-bottomed stick if you don’t want to eat the cherries.

Challenges in Growing Wild Cherry (Prunus Avium ) Trees

Blackfly can be a problem, so keep your garden safe from them. Wild cherries can only be affected by this problem, but a serious infestation can cause severe problems. But be careful! Be careful not to use systemic insecticides – wild cherries will not tolerate such pesticides. Organic solutions are best. Your pots and beds should be weed-free. Water during dry spells and feed your plants regularly. They will also benefit from a light lime top-dressing.

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