What Time To Mow Your Lawn? Best Practices

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Mowing your lawn sounds like a super simple thing to do. – Yes, it is. But the timing is important to consider to prevent any damage and also, to be a considerate person to others.

Before you would go ahead and mow your lawn with any of the best lawn mowers, let’s read through the best timing.

Decide The Best Time to Mow Your Lawn

What’s the weather like? 

One of the most important factors is the season and weather conditions. There are no set rules as each region is different. It may also vary from year to year. You will need to have an idea of the best practices, and then monitor the weather patterns in your area.

The start of the mowing season is when the temperature rises in spring, usually in late March. After the cold months, the grass is just beginning to bounce back which means, you’ll have to cut the grass once a week. This will also depend on other factors like rainfall, temperature, and type of grass.

Is Your Lawn Long Enough yet?

Never reduce more than a third the height in one cut. If the grass has grown longer than it should, you can cut at a higher setting and gradually reduce its height with a few more cuts. This will reduce stress on the grass. The lawn could become unattractive if it is cut too abruptly. This can allow diseases, mushrooms, or weeds to take hold of your lawn.

Frequency To Mow Your Lawn

Most lawns need to be trimmed twice per week during the summer. If there is a lot of sun and rain, you might have to cut more. You can usually go back to weekly cuts by autumn. Winter grass should be cut when it is needed.

Another rule regarding when to mow is not to mow your lawn when it’s frozen or wet. Wait until the grass has warmed up and dried. Mowing frosty or wet grass can cause damage to the blades. It also makes it more difficult to compact the soil. Mow no dewy, wet or frosty grass. This can cause damage to the turf and make it more compact. You can wait until the lawn is dry or defrosted to mow, or put off mowing for another day.

Disturbing neighbors

There is another problem, aside from seasonal concerns. Lawnmowers that are too loud can cause problems. It could depend on how loud your mower is. Petrol mowers tend to be louder than push mowers.

Manufacturers of lawnmowers must meet certain noise emission levels and the good thing is, lawnmowers are now much quieter. These guidelines and rules dictate when noise nuisance is allowed. Some areas might also have their own laws.

It is not your intention for it to escalate to the point where police or council have to intervene. It is also not a good idea to have an angry neighbor. It’s so much easier if everyone gets along. Talk to your neighbors if you have unusual work hours and cannot avoid mowing at odd hours. You may be able to reach an agreement before things get ugly.

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