Best Electric Lawn Mower With Roller For Even Lawns (2024)

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Best Electric Lawn Mower With Roller For Even Lawns & Buyer’s Guide (2022)

Have you ever thought about how the baseball fields and golf parks ever got those perfect-looking stripes in the grass? 

The answer is quite simple. Those light/dark stripe patterns in the turf, my dear, are created by a lawn mower roller. The good thing though is that you don’t need a professional gardener to do these stripes for you. There are lawn mowers available in the market today that can offer the same functionality that even a novice can handle. Sounds interesting, right?

We know that you want them too. So, in this buying guide, we have included the important factors you need to consider when purchasing the best lawn mower with rollers. Furthermore, we also took the liberty to sort out and review 7 of the best electric lawn mowers on Amazon. Take a look at our top picks so you know which ones are worth adding to your carts!

Top 7 Best Electric Lawn Mowers With Rollers


bpsch rotak electric lawn mower

Key Features

  • Double folding handles
  • Grass Comb feature
  • Stackable grass box
  • 20mm to 70mm cutting height
  • 40-Liter grass box capacity
  • Ideal for small to medium-sized gardens
  • 30-day return warranty

Product Description

The Rotak 34R comes with a 1300-watt Powerdrive motor engine. With this much power, cutting at challenging situations including long, dense, and wet grasses will not be an issue. It also has an integrated rear roller to enable you to create that unique striped effect on your turf. 

This lawn mower model has a cutting diameter of 34 centimeters. Thus, making it an ideal choice for small to medium-sized gardens up to 300 m². It also comes with a single lever to which you can adjust the cutting height from 20 to 70 millimeters. 

Furthermore, this mower also has a Grass Combs feature. This allows the device to work up and over the edges. Hence, allowing it to cut grasses along the driveways, fences, or the wall.


flymo easymow electric rotary lawn mower

Key Features

  • Dual-lever handles
  • With 10-meter cable
  • Easily foldable handles
  • 20mm to 60mm cutting height
  • 35-liter grass box capacity
  • Ideal for small to medium-sized gardens
  • 2-year warranty

Product Description

The EasyMow 340R model is equipped with a powerful 1400-watt motor that can cut through tough and tall grasses with much ease. It is designed with a close-to-edge cutting deck to enable efficient cutting along borders and flowerbeds. Moreover, the integrated rear roller feature makes it possible to create neat stripe finishes.

This lawnmower has a cutting width of 34 centimeters. The central height is adjustable allowing you to have a cutting height between 20 to 60 millimeters. The 35-liter grass box is big enough to collect the cuttings from a small to medium-sized lawn.

Unlike other lawn mowers, this model features dual lever handles. Hence, making it a perfect choice for ambidextrous users. So, you can comfortably operate the equipment with either your left or right hand. On top of that, it has a 10-meter cable to enable you to operate this electric rotary mower with more flexibility.



Key Features

  • With mulching function
  • 5 different cutting height settings
  • Easy to fold, stack, and store
  • 20mm to 70mm cutting height
  • 40-liter grass box capacity
  • Ideal for small to medium-sized gardens
  • 3-year warranty & UK parts

Product Description

The HYM 3800E model is an electric rotary lawn mower equipped with a powerful 1600-watt motor. It is designed with a 38-centimeter cutting width ideal for covering small to medium-sized grounds. The 10-meter cable gives you plenty of space to move around.

The HYM 3800E lawnmower offers 5 different cutting heights enabling you to perfectly trim between 20 to 70 millimeters. Along with the low settings plus the built-in rear roller, this device is well-capable for producing striped lawns.

Unlike other models, the HYM 3800E is engineered with a mulching functionality. The quick-release mulching plug enables you to cut the grasses into a much finer texture. This then provides you with the convenient option to feed your lawn as you cut the grass. 

This lawnmower is also very compact and easy to store. It comes with foldable handles and a collapsible collection bag. So, you can store it vertically to further maximize your storage. 


Key Features

  • With mulching plug included
  • 6 different cutting height settings
  • Foldable handles
  • 25mm to 75mm cutting height
  • 40-liter grass box capacity
  • Ideal for small to medium-sized gardens
  • 2-year warranty & UK parts

Product Description

The Princess 38 lawn mower model is equipped with a 1600-watt motor. It is enclosed in rust-proof polypropylene plastic chassis. This electric-powered device comes with an easily detachable BS type 6 plug with a cable length of 15 meters. 

The lawnmower features sharp steel blades designed to accommodate 38 centimeters of cutting width. It has a hand-propelled centralized lever that adjusts to 6 different cutting heights between 25 to 75 millimeters. Moreover, the integrated rear rollers allow you to create neat stripe patterns on the grass.

This equipment also comes with a 40-liter grass collector. This is just the perfect size for gathering grass clippings in a small to medium-sized lawn. Nevertheless, you can also attach the mulching plug to make better use of the cuttings as a mulch instead.


black decker electric lawn mower

Key Features

  • Designed with ergonomic bike handles
  • 6 different cutting height settings
  • 20mm to 70mm cutting height
  • 45-liter grass box capacity
  • With full box indicator
  • Ideal for medium to large-sized gardens
  • 2-year warranty

Product Description

This rotary lawn mower is equipped with a 1600-watt motor that powers up the high-performing blades. Moreover, it is designed with EdgeMax system that enables you to cut around borders and edges. Thus, delivering 80% improvement in cutting and collection compared to other lawn mowers. 

It is also engineered to have a 38-centimeter cutting width making this a suitable choice for mowing medium to large-sized lawns up to 600m². As for the cutting height, the front and back axels are adjustable between 20 to 70-millimeter settings. Not to forget, it comes with a built-in roller too to help you achieve a striped finish in your lawn.

This Black + Decker lawn mower is designed with bike-style handles. It aims to provide the users better grip and comfort. At the same time, it is also helpful in balancing the weight distribution.


bosch advanced electric lawn mower

Key Features

  • With Ergo Slide handles
  • With Pro Silence technology
  • With Leaf Collect blade system
  • 25mm to 80mm cutting height
  • 50-liter grass box capacity
  • Ideal for medium to large-sized gardens
  • 2-year warranty

Product Description

This advanced Rotak model is built for the most demanding mowing tasks. It is equipped with a powerful 1700-watt motor that can cut through wet, dense, and tall grasses. But worry not, a big motor doesn’t always mean a noisy engine. This device is designed with ProSilence technology that reduces noise by as much as 75%. 

The Rotak 750 features a 44-centimeter cutting width. Just the perfect choice for mowing medium to large-sized lawns up to 750m². It also comes with a 7-stage cutting height between 25 to 80 millimeters. 

Plus, the equipment has a LeafCollect blade to gather and shred the grasses for easy disposal. It also comes with a huge 50-liter grass bag to collect all the rubbish at once. 

To promote ergonomics, this lawn mower comes with ErgoSlide handles. This allows you to adjust the height of the handles to accommodate any type of user. 


easy store electric lawn mower

Key Features

  • Designed with a 3-step easy storage system
  • With close-to-edge cutting deck
  • With dual-lever handles
  • 20mm to 60mm cutting height
  • 30-liter grass box capacity
  • Ideal for smaller-sized gardens
  • 2-year warranty

Product Description

The EasiStore 300R is the perfect grass cutter for smaller-sized lawns. It comes with a small but powerful 1200-watt motor. The device is electric-powered and has a cable length of 10 meters.

The lawn mower has a cutting width of 30 centimeters with an adjustable height between 20 to 60 millimeters. It is controlled using dual-lever handles. So, you can comfortably operate the mower with either your left or right hand.

This model also features a close-to-edge cutting deck to allow you to include the trimming of grasses along the corners and edges. Despite the small size, it does come with a built-in rear roller as well. This permits you to still create a nice striped finish on your turf. 

The EasiStore 300R is designed to be lightweight and compact. It comes with a fold-down handle and space-saving vertical storage.

What Is An Electric Rotary Lawn Mower?

An electric rotary lawn mower is basically a type of electric-powered grass cutter. They are equipped with one solid cutting blade that spins horizontally at a speed of about 3000 rpm. The impact from the high-speed rotation of the blade allows it to effectively chop grasses, weeds, and even a small tree.

Unlike cylinder mowers that work better on low-cuts, rotary models are best used on grasses with medium to high mowing heights. Apart from that, the rotary mower’s thick blades are more capable to cut thicker, denser, and taller grasses. That is something that the cylinder mower models tend to fall short of. 

On that note, rotary mowers can accommodate wider varieties of grass species. They offer more versatility in their function. Thus, giving you more value for your money.

Buyer’s Guide On How To Choose The Best Electric Lawn Mower With Roller

Garden Size

Lawn mowers basically come in different cutting widths to accommodate different garden sizes too. This is one way to gauge the efficiency and suitability of the equipment to your work area. 

Most of the time, manufacturers would outrightly specify the area of coverage of their products. You can use this detail to compare against the actual size of your lawn. For example, if you have a lawn size of less than 100 sqm then you only need a lawn mower designed for smaller-sized gardens. 

On the other hand, if you have a ground measuring more than 250 sqm, then a larger lawn mower is more capable to do the job for you. Larger mowers have wider cutting widths thus they can cover more area in a single pass. This makes your task much easier and faster to accomplish. 

Cutting Heights

The cutting height refers to the distance of the cutting blade from the soil. This will essentially tell you how short or how close to the ground do you want to cut your grass. Having the ability to adjust the cutting height enables you to work with different grass types, seasons, and of course, your own preferences.

Lawn mowers with rear rollers usually have cutting heights between 10 to 20 millimeters in the lower range. Nevertheless, it can go as long as 60 to 80 millimeters as well. Depending on the model, cutting height options can be set in 5 up to 7 positions. 


Quality here pertains to both the construction and cutting performance of the equipment. A well-constructed lawn mower is made with materials that are built to withstand robust use. For instance, look for steel sharp blades that can cut through dense and tall grasses. It should not get blunt, break, or rust easily.

The body of equipment can either be made with metal or plastic. Metal is durable yet heavy. On the other hand, plastic has the tendency to break but it is lightweight and rust-proof. There are actually plenty of options. So, choose the one that can best suit your requirements. 

The overall quality of the product will also determine its longevity. Lawn mowers made of premium quality tend to perform better and last longer. That is why they are expected to have higher price points as well. 

Price Point

Lawn mowers with integrated rollers are generally more expensive than your typical lawn mowers. The electric models will usually cost within the range of £80 to £300. It is good to take note of the price points so that you can set a more realistic budget too.


Lawn mowers can be well-considered as investments for your garden. Of course, you would want assurance from the manufacturer in terms of its quality and performance. Hence, it would always be a wise choice to consider the product’s warranty. 

Know what are the terms and conditions. What is included in the warranty? And, how long is your equipment covered? Moreover, it is also good to be aware of the reputation of the company when it comes to its after-sales services. 

Cordless Versus Corded Electric Lawn Mower? Which Is Better?

More and more people nowadays are shifting to electric lawnmowers. Why wouldn’t they? This type is more lightweight, less noisy, and cheaper compared to traditional petrol lawnmowers

So, the question now is – Is cordless better than a corded electric lawn mower?

Well, the answer may greatly differ depending on the user’s own needs and preferences. Nevertheless, here’s what you should know between the two.

Corded Electric Lawn Mowers Need Electric Outlet

Corded electric lawn mowers are the typical grass cutters with a cable attachment. That means you need to plug in the equipment to a power source to operate. The good thing though is that, as long as there is electricity, you can continue to cut your lawn.   

The length of the cable though might somehow affect your flexibility and mobility. Most corded electric lawn mowers come in a default cable length of 10 or 15 meters. On that account, corded mowers are best used on small to medium-sized lawns. Nevertheless, you can always use an extension cable if you’ll ever need an extra length.

Cordless Lawn Mowers Don’t Need Electric Outlet Just A Charged Battery

On the other hand, the cordless lawn mowers take this issue off of the table. Instead of being tied down by cable, the cordless mowers use battery packs to keep them powered. Hence, giving you all the freedom to use the equipment anywhere you please without worrying about access to a power outlet. 

However, the downside of using cordless lawn mowers is that the operation is only good as far as your battery packs can go. So, as soon as the battery juice runs out, you won’t be able to operate the mower too. That is why it is essential to always have spare battery packs on hand especially if you plan to cut bigger-sized lawns.

Cordless lawn mowers tend to be more expensive too compared with the corded electric ones. Well, that would be the price you pay in exchange for mobility.

Which Electric Lawn Mower With Roller Is Best For Stripes?

The key component in creating awesome stripes in your turf is the rear rollers. Rear rollers basically push the grass down after it was cut. Grasses pressed down with blades facing up will appear darker. Meanwhile, the grasses pressed the other way around will look variably lighter. The contrast in color is what then creates the striped pattern effect.

A cylinder type of electric lawn mower is a good choice when it comes to creating stripes. That is because it is likely to produce more even and crisp cuts and lines. Nevertheless, they tend to work best only on grasses with low-mowing heights. 

For more flexibility, the rotary lawn mower is a wiser option. It allows you to cater to more grass types and mowing heights. At the same time, it still creates that nice-looking stripes on your lawn.

The Overall Best Electric Lawn Mower With Roller

There are plenty of electric rotary lawn mowers with rollers out there. But, the Hyundai HYM3800E Corded Electric Lawn Mower ticked off all the great qualities we need. Its powerful 1600-watt engine together with the 38-centimeter cutting width is perfect for mowing a medium-sized lawn. 

It is also fairly priced too considering that it offers 5-point cutting heights and mulching functions. As a bonus, it is compact and easy to store as well. Hence, it is definitely a perfect investment for household mowing use.

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