Spring Lawn Care Ideas and Tips For A Great Garden

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As the weather is getting warmer after the stone-cold winter, it is time to get our lawn “in shape”. A fun spring lawn care could be a great activity to warm up for the growing and planting season.  This post is made to give you simple spring lawn care ideas to keep your garden beautiful throughout the spring, summer, and fall.

Simple Spring Lawn Care Ideas

After you got all the necessary lawn care tools you can start this great spring lawn care program:

  1. Regular lawn mowing should be done at the right height in the spring. For trodden lawns, it should be between 2.5cm and 4cm. For shaded lawns, it should be between 5cm and 7.5cm.
  2. To increase strength, vigour, and health of your lawn, feed it in spring and again in summer.
  3. A lawn weed killer can be used to quickly and effectively treat moss and lawn weeds.
  4. To prevent moss and weeds from growing, immediately remove any bare spots.
  5. Scarify your lawn to reduce the accumulation of thatch, which includes dead grass and moss.
  6. To reduce compaction and allow air to circulate around your lawn root system, aerate your lawn. If you have problems with your lawn drainage, aeration can also be helpful.

Lawn MowerSpring Mowing

Regular mowing is the most important thing for a great lawn. Cut the grass as soon as it grows, which will likely be every other week or more as the weather warms up in the spring.

It should remain at the same height throughout spring. This should be between 2.5cm – 4cm for most lawns. The height of lawns that are subject to a lot of wear and tear should be raised to 5cm. Mow at a height 7.5cm for areas that are very shaded.

Mowing too short, which can weaken the grass, is the fastest and easiest way to allow weeds or moss to grow and ruin the lawn.

Spring Lawn Feeding

The next priority is to feed the grass. If you give the right food at the right times, your lawn will be a showpiece.

Good lawn fertiliser feeds grass better. It makes it greener, thicker, and more resilient to weather-related stresses, such as weeds, moss, and other ills. A granular feed that provides a steady supply of nutrients for several weeks is the best way to get great results in spring.

It is important that granular lawn feeds are evenly applied to the lawn. This can be done easily with a lawn spreader. You can use the built-in spreader for smaller lawns or a wheeled spreader for larger lawns. It will stay strong and healthy all summer if it is fed again within 6 weeks.

Weeds and Moss

Lawn weeds can be a big problem that can prevent you from enjoying your lawn to its full potential. A healthy, strong lawn can handle moss and weeds better than one that hasn’t been properly cared for.

A liquid lawn weed killer can be used to quickly remove weeds and moss. These special ingredients will not cause any harm to your lawn grasses, but they will control most broad-leaved and invasive weeds if used according to the directions. There are lawn moss killers that will kill moss and weeds. However, if you have only moss and no weeds, there will be lawn moss killers. Most will contain a feed to make your lawn greener while it kills the moss. Keep in mind that the moss would turn black as they die.

A granular lawn product that contains feeding, weed control, and moss control ingredients is the best solution for lawns with moss problems.

Bare Patches

Many lawns are left with bare spots after winter’s ravages. These areas can be unsightly and provide a perfect environment for weeds or moss to grow. You can give your lawn a makeover with a lawn patch product. The best lawn patch repair products will combine grass seed, slow-release feed, and coir. They will quickly cover any bare spots and create a thick layer of grass.

You can also repair areas where dogs have left bare spots with special salt-tolerant grass seeds mixed with a neutralizer to make it suitable for grass growth again.


One quarter of the grass can die every year, and more after a cold and wet winter. Overseeding, which involves putting new grass seed in the existing lawn, can revive the lawn and bring it back into life. Overseeding enhances lawn appearance. It also increases the density of grass, which will reduce weed and moss invasion.

Tips To Keep Your Spring Lawn Care Effective

  1. To keep your lawn neat and tidy, trim the edges whenever you mow.
  2. To ensure that your lawn looks neat and well-shaped, use a half moon edging iron.
  3. Scarify your lawn with a spring-tine rake to remove any dead grass, thatch or other debris that could otherwise hinder healthy grass growth.
  4. For clay soils that are very heavy, you can aerate your lawn with a hollow-tine or garden fork in the spring to improve drainage and water logging. This will help the grass grow stronger.
  5. To improve drainage and promote healthy grass growth, apply a top dressing after you have finished aerating.
  6. If the grass is in desperate need of water, water it. Make sure to water the roots thoroughly. You’ll encourage root growth at the surface by just watering the top. Roots are more susceptible to drought damage if you don’t water the grass well.
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