Cat or Fox Poo: How to Tell the Difference?

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There’s nothing worse than walking into your garden and finding a pile of mushy, gross, awful, and yucky… POOP. – Viola! A cat or fox had just visited the garden and left a poopy surprise. Not just them, but in this article, we’ll go over a variety of animals that might visit you during the day and at night. They may use your flower beds or lawn as a latrine.

These little malodorous, stinking, or icky gifts could be left behind by dogs, badgers, rabbits, hedgehogs, and other animals. However, cats and foxes are the main culprits.

What Is A Difference Between Cat Poo or Fox Poo

Even though cat poo and Fox poo are often the same sizes, you will be able to tell which animal left you putrid and reeking… often nauseating foul by noticing the differences. It is usually easy to tell if it’s cat poo or not by looking at its smell, shape, colour, and content.

How to identify cat poo vs. fox poo?


Cat poo is not too terrible, it should only have a mild odor without undigested content. A healthy cat’s poop should be small, firm, and shaped like a log. 

What is the average size of cat poo?  

The average size of a cat poo is usually 3 – 10cm in size with deep brown color, it looks cylindrical, and the consistency may be firm or soft. 

How often do cats poo?

Cats typically poop once or twice a day if you see this recurring every day it is a big chance a cat was making a mess. 

cat poop in garden


Fox poo looks twisted with a pointy end, which would look rough due to its content, and the undigested contents such as bones, fur, and berries would be visible. The poop has a strong and musky scent.

What is the average size of fox poo?  

The average size of fox poo is usually 5- 20 cm in size with dark brown, almost black color. 

fox dig in garden

Other Animal Poo That Could Be In Your Garden


The badger’s foul size and color vary, but you would often find it in a hole and piled together. The poop would be wet and has a sweet and musky scent without undigested content. 


Usually 1.5 – 5 cm in size with black color, it would appear shiny with a tapered end. It would seem squidgy and has a mild odor with undigested content such as berries and insects.


Usually less than 1cm in size with green or brown color. It would appear spherical and firm with a mild scent. You may see undigested grass content along with it.

How to Stop Cats Pooping in Your Garden

Cat poop is pungent and can cause severe pain. It also contains diseases like toxoplasmosis, which can be deadly for pregnant women or those with lower immune systems. If you notice a problem with your cat’s poop, it is best to get it fixed immediately.

Remove Cat Poo From Vegetable Plants ASAP

Toxoplasmosis may also be in the soil. If your cat takes a dump near your vegetables make sure you get rid of some of the surrounding soil. Many tried-and-true ideas have been proven to work, but they may not always be successful for everyone. It is possible to try different solutions depending on your situation.

1. Chicken Wire

Cats will search for the right spot to poop, so it is a smart idea to cover your flower beds with chicken wire. When laid correctly, chicken wire can be hidden under the soil to prevent cats from going to their usual place.

To ensure that your plants and flowers can grow normally, it is best to lay chicken wire before the first spring shoots.

chicken wire

2. Electronic Devices

A variety of electronic devices are available that emit a high-pitched sound that is barely audible by humans. Some devices stay on continuously while others go off when they sense motion. This way you scare away fetid surprises.

These devices  and their efficiency is still a matter of debate. However, if you do own one, place them directly at the entry/exit points to your garden or the area you want to protect.

3. Smells

Several homemade remedies keep cats away because of their sensitive senses of smell. Peppermint, Lavender, and Citrus are all things cats hate. You can spray your garden with peppermint to stop them from pooping in your prized begonias.

Remember to re-spray your garden after every rainfall if you use natural remedies. Otherwise, the odour won’t last.

4. Motion Activated Sprinklers

Yes, motion-activated sprinklers will send water jets around your garden whenever they sense movement. We know that cats don’t like water spraying. This keeps foxes, and other visitors away. A motion activated sprinkler system will keep your flowers and plants well-watered.

cat with motion activated sprinkles

5. Dummy Cats

Dummy cat ornaments with glowing eyes can be purchased and placed in the garden. The best way to use dummy cat ornaments is in combination with other methods, such as odors cats don’t like. Keep the ornament moving around in the garden or the cat will soon realize that it isn’t real.

6. Dog

Last but not least, a dog can be a great deterrent for cats who want to drop droppings in their flowers. A cat will not see your garden as its territory if you have a dog. However, getting a dog means having another mouth to feed. Dog owners will still have to clean up after their dog but it will be on the lawn, not near your carrots.

The final difference between cat and fox poo

There are many ways to tell the difference between cat poo and fox poo, and now you should be able identify the culprit. The appearance of cat poop will be consistent throughout. Fox poop will be smaller and more uniform. Fox poo will be larger and contain more bones and fur than cat poop.


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