Growing Lily of the Valley In The UK – Plant and Care Guide

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Lily of the Valley is a woodland plant that is highly prized for its summer flowers. Because of its low spreading habit, it is ideal for ground cover. The Lily of the Valley thrives in moist, shaded areas and spreads slowly to form dense, lush, green clumps.

Does Lily of the Valley Grow Well In The UK?

The lily of the valley is difficult to grow in wet and cold conditions. It’s best to start your plants indoors as soon as possible if you are living in the UK. They will be mature enough to plant in your borders by mid-May. This will increase the chances of them blooming in the same year.

Lily of the Valley

Planting Lily of the Valley

As rooted crowns, Lily of the Valley plants is easily available. These can be soaked in water for 30 minutes and then planted in their designated pots for them to establish before planting them out in May onwards.

Lilies of the Valley

Follow These Steps To Plant Your Lilies of The Valley Properly

Step 1. Buy the Lily of the Valley Crowns in The Store

Purchase Lily of the Valley crowns in garden centres or online stores. Keep in mind that It’s difficult to plant them in wet, cold soil so make sure you have pots.

Step 2. Soak Roots in Water

The roots should be soaked in water for 30 minutes if they look dry. Separate them to individual crows, all of them having a shoot and a set of roots. Plant them each in 7cm -8cm pots.

Step 3. Plant the Lilies in Pots with Compost

The pots should be filled with compost and the crown should be planted with the shoot just above the surface. Water well and place them in a cool greenhouse. Keep watering them and plant them out once their roots have filled the pots they’re growing in.

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