Evergreen Shrubs For Shade To Brighten Up Your Garden

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Evergreen shrubs growing in shade serves as a leafy foil to other plants and lights up dark areas with its bright flowers. perform a variety of functions. They are also perfect ground covers, no matter the size.


Plant These Evergreen Shrubs in Shade and Make Your Garden Stand Out


Hydrangeas serve as a good leafy backdrop for the other plants in your garden when not in bloom. The flowers make shady areas shine, just make sure to prune them in Spring.


Skimmias stay green all year and brighten up shady areas with plate, scented flowers and clusters of glossy red berries. It’s a good addition to your garden if you want to invite natural pollinators in because of their nectar-rich blooms.


Pieris are acid-loving shrubs. They’re evergreen foliage with bundles of bell-shaped flowers in Spring. They look well together with shrubs such as ‘rhododendrons’ and ‘camellias’


Enkianthus are acid-loving shrubs. They’re grown because of their bell-shaped flowers and are known for their fiery autumn color. They appreciate cloud pruning.


Viburnums can tolerate partial shade and may grow well in it. Get that evergreen color from the ‘Viburnum Davidii’ or ‘Viburnum Tinus’. 


Pachysandra, a small genus of dwarf evergreen shrubs that can grow well under the sun as long as it has moist soil. However, they are useful as ground cover in dry shade.


Daphne’s flowers are known for their powerful fragrance. There are a large variety of them depending on their flowering times, sizes, and foliage colors. It’s best that you keep them where you’ve first planted them because they hate being moved.


Sarcococca, also known as Christmas Box, are great to grow in shade. The Sarcococca hookeriana variety grows longer and narrower leaves with scented blooms. The Sarcococca Ruscifolia is more compact.



Chaenomeles appreciate growing in the shade, they grow beautiful red flowers in spring. The plant is unfussy about soil types, and can grow even in clay. Chaenomeles can also be trained to grow against a wall.

Hardy schefflera

Hardy schefflera provides a touch of exoticness because of its large and divided leaves. They’re part of the Aralia family that includes fatsia and ivy, plants that appreciate growing in shade too.

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