Lawn Tools You Must Have For Ultimate Garden Care

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When we see the neighbor’s grass is always greener, look into their lawn tools first. Those neighbors probably got all the necessary garden lawn care tools they need for their beautifully even and green lawn. Do you have all of them?

8 Lawn Tools You Must Have To Care For Your Garden


Garden HoseIt is important to water your lawn in dry periods. This will help keep your lawn green and healthy, as well as strengthen your roots, making winter damage less likely. Although it is common to go out and water your lawn every day, this will only penetrate the soil’s top. This would make the roots of the grass grow closer to the surface, meaning they’ll dry faster and be more easily damaged. 

It is better for your grass to soak once or twice per week during dry spells. This will encourage strong rooting. That’s why a great garden hose could come in handy. 

Edging shears

A neatly trimmed, well-mown lawn is great, but it doesn’t look right without sharp edges. To avoid cutting into the grass and causing brown edges, keep your edging shears sharp. To avoid cutting into soil or having slanted edges when cutting, hold the edging shears upright. Although it may take some time, your lawn will become smaller with each cut.

Edging iron

This tool, sometimes called a “half-moon” because of its shape, is essential for sprucing up your lawn’s edges and creating new borders or shapes. To flatten and sharpen the edges of existing borders, you can use the vertical version to slice just below the edge. This tool is ideal for cutting into turf to create new borders. Simply use the edging Iron to cut your border and then remove any grass with a fork.

Lawn spreader

Although not essential, they are very useful. You can apply any lawn product, and it is easy to do so by simply putting some in a spreader. You can adjust the settings to apply multiple products, including lawn seed, lawn dressing and grass seed. These products can be applied by hand but a spreader allows for more precise and uniform application. This will prevent overdosing which can cause grass damage and uneven results.

Lawn MowerLawnmowers

There are many options available with different properties. A petrol mower is best for large lawns. An electric mower can be used to cover small and medium lawns. Push-along mowers are great for those who want to get a little exercise.

You want stripes, so make sure to choose a mower with a roller. Remember, too short grass makes it difficult to see the stripes and encourages moss and weeds. Mulching mowers are used to cut grass into smaller pieces that can be left on your lawn. A collection box is a must for other mowers as they won’t cut the grass finely enough to leave on the lawn.


This machine cuts through the lawn to remove the thatch buildup. This machine will add air to the topsoil (aerating), which can help rejuvenate a tired lawn. For fine lawns, scarify once per year or twice per year. This is a good time to do it in the late spring or fall, as with all lawn maintenance.

Leaf rake

A good and durable garden rake is essential for when dead leaves fall on your lawn in autumn. Leaves can block sunlight from your lawn and cause diseases and fungus growth. These plastic rakes are more gentle than the metal spring lawn rakes. They don’t tend to ‘spike’ leaves and won’t clog as easily.

Lawn rake

Although it is one of the most cost-effective tools for lawn care, it is still essential. You will see a buildup of dead grass, moss, and weeds over the course of the year. This can block light and moisture, and create a base for other pesky weeds and suffocating patches. You should rake your lawn once a month, but not in frosty or cold conditions. This will cause damage to the grass blades. You should always pick up any raked leaves. If you leave some thatch behind for birds to use, it will be easier for them to cover their nests. You can purchase a powered lawn rakers if you have a large yard, but it is still useful to have a manual one for cleaning up.


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