How To Remove Tree Roots and Stumps In Gardens

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Tree Stump

Although it can be more difficult removing the tree stumps in your garden, it is a task well worth doing. A tree stump or root can add a rustic touch to your landscaping, but they can also cause unwanted side effects that can harm your garden.

Honey fungus can be fatal. Although it may sound sweet, it can spread to other trees and plants. It’s simple to see how killing the stump or removing the infestation can help you save money in the long-term.

What to do first if you want to remove tree roots and stump

The tree must be removed before the tree stump can be removed. This will make it much easier. You can do this yourself or hire a contractor.

You can remove smaller stumps by digging roots, but you have two options for larger specimens: either using specialist machinery to quickly grind the stump to sawdust or using a product to kill regrowth and speed up the natural process.

Some people suggest burning stumps to remove them quickly, but this poses a significant risk in dry areas and residential areas. It is best to leave the job to professionals.

No matter what you choose, it is important to ensure that pets and children are not allowed in the garden.

Using A Stump Grinder

Specialist machinery is useful when tree stumps need to be removed quickly.

Stump grinders are readily available but they are large and could be potentially dangerous. This option is not recommended for those with poor mobility or poor vision. You can either hire a contractor or give it a miss.

Hire a stump grinder to do the job yourself. The company will be able tell you if the machine is suitable for the job or if you need to hire one.

You should ensure that they go through all controls in detail with you. It is worth planning ahead for what you will do with the sawdust left behind by the grinder. You should arrange to have the sawdust removed from your property if the tree is damaged. Otherwise, it can be used to mulch other areas of the garden.

Using A Stump and Tree Root Killer

There are ways to speed up the process, even if you don’t want to hire contractors or use heavy machinery.

Stump killers have active ingredients that perform in a similar way to weed killers. They are absorbed by the stump and prevent it from re-growing. This gives you an advantage over the often slow process of decomposition.

These products are best used on freshly cut stumps as the surface cells will be the most responsive to the treatment. But remember to avoid using these products on stumps that are wet.

To make smaller stumps, you can simply mix the product with water, and then, while wearing gloves, apply it to the surface of the cut using a clean brush.

If you have a very large trunk, it is possible to drill through the stump at a few points and then fill the holes with a more diluted solution. This will allow the product to penetrate timber faster, speeding up decay. The process can also be helped by opening the stump of the tree and letting in air.

A stump killer will typically work in a single application for approximately four to six weeks. This means that the decomposition process can be initiated quickly.


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