Potted Mums’ General Care

potted mums

Blooming potted mums (Chrysanthemum species) adds vibrance and life indoor and outdoor wherever it is placed. Depending on the season and where you live, chrysanthemums (Chrysanthemum espp.) can add color … Read more

Myths on What Rabbits Eat

myths on what rabbits eat

Many myths surround what rabbits eat. These include the belief that they need lots of carrots or lettuce and regular amounts of commercial food. Although carrots can be enjoyed occasionally, … Read more

Lettuce Bolting

lettuce bolting

Lettuce bolting is inevitable. As we know, lettuce is a fast-growing, versatile plant that can be consumed at any stage of its life. It’s also available in hundreds of different … Read more

The Temperature For Seedlings

temperature for seedlings

Controlling the temperature of seedlings is very important. Warmth is essential for young plants and seeds. Even though a greenhouse can feel warm and cozy during the day, it can … Read more

How To Use Heat Mats For Plants

seedling heat mat

The basic function of heat mats is to warm the soil gently, encouraging faster germination and healthy seedlings. These mats are great for rooting cuttings. Although heat mats can be … Read more

Growing Okra In Containers


Many people believe that okra cannot be grown in their area because it isn’t tropical. Okra is a tropical, warm-season vegetable. However, you can grow okra in containers so that … Read more

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Make My Scout To Kill A Mockingbird Character Traits Paper Personally

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