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The ZZ plant is the ideal plant for anyone with a brown thumb. The plant is virtually indestructible and can withstand months of neglect and low lighting while still looking amazing. The ZZ plant was once only found in large office buildings and malls. They were often mistakenly thought to be fake plants because they required very little care and looked healthy. They have been able to make their way onto shelves at both hardware and big box stores in recent years. Many people are now curious about how to grow ZZ plants. It is very easy.

What is the ZZ Plant 

Zamioculcas zamiifolia (ZZ) is the common name for the ZZ plant because the Zamioculcas Zamiifolia was too long and difficult to pronounce so many nursery workers shortened it to ZZ. Its stems are graceful and wand-like. They grow thick at the base, then taper to a point. The stem is adorned with fleshy, oval-shaped green leaves that look almost like feathers. The whole plant is covered in a shiny, waxy coating that gives it the appearance of plastic. People often insist that the plant must be artificial because of its sculptural qualities and waxy coating.

Are ZZ Plants Poisonous?

ZZ has one major problem: all parts are toxic. False rumors claimed that ZZ caused cancer and that it was poisonous. What is the truth? It is toxic, but not dangerous. It is toxic but not cancerous.

How to Grow

ZZ plants thrive in indirect, bright light. However, they can handle very low levels of light. This plant is ideal for bathroom windows or offices that only have limited fluorescent light. ZZ plants can be grown in direct sunlight, but you might notice some scalding if the plant is exposed to direct light. Too much light can also cause curling, yellowing, and leaning of the leaves. Curling is a sign that the plant is trying to move away from the source of light. You can move the plant to a more shaded area or further away from the light source. If moving the plant is impossible, you can filter the light using blinds or curtains.

Caring for the Plant 

ZZ plants need to be cared for. ZZ plants will thrive if they are left alone. They require less water than cacti. The soil should be dry before you water the plant. Overwatering this plant can cause it to die. If a ZZ plant turns yellow, it means it has been given too much water. If you don’t know anything else about ZZ plants, remember to water them. Although it can live for months without water, the ZZ plant will thrive if it is watered regularly. ZZ plants can survive without fertilizer. However, if you wish, you can fertilize the plants with half-strength fertilizer once to twice a year, and only during the summer months. ZZ houseplants are easy to grow and great for forgetful gardeners.

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