Does Heat Mat Use A Lot Of Electricity?

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Running Cost of Heat Mat Electric Underfloor Heating

When run at full power for six hours, Heat Mat standard underfloor heating costs less than 10p per square meter. Some people still think that underfloor heating is expensive to run, but the truth is that both the cost to install it and the cost to keep it running are often very low.

In calculating your running expenses, it is important to consider how well the floor base has been insulated. Insulation boards reduce heat-up time and improve energy efficiency. The system will run more efficiently if it heats up faster.

To heat rooms with high ceilings or areas that are susceptible to heat loss, such as conservatories, a more powerful electric subfloor heating system is required. When combined with a stone or tile floor, our 200W systems provide strong solutions to these problems.

The 6mm Inscreed Cable is the most economical way to install it. It costs as low as PS22 per square meter (incl. You can also choose a color, touchscreen thermostat.

The cables and heating mats are extremely thin and can be fitted for underfloor heating without raising the floor height. They also don’t require regular maintenance, unlike gas boilers which need to be replaced frequently. The NGTouch smart thermostat can detect the heat characteristics of the room and adjust to them accordingly.

Running Costs Example:

An En-suite with a heated floor area of 2.5m²  with heating hours of 2 hours in the morning and 1 hour in the evening would cost you £2.61. Your bathroom with an area of 3.5m², and 2 hours of heating in the morning and in the evening would cost you £4.54. A kitchen with an area of 6m² and 2 hours of heating only in the evening would cost you £6.31. A lounging area with an area of 10m², and 1 hour of heating time in the morning and 3 in the evening would cost £15.52. A conservatory with an area of 12m² with 4 hours of heating in the evening would cost £24.27. 

These numbers are based upon Heat Mat’s 160W/sqm Heating Mats laid directly on 10mm Heat Mat Thermal Insulators with porcelain tile above in a property that complies with the most recent Part L Building Regulations. Based on the Fix and Save Price August 2019 online offer by Scottish Power, 12.376p per kWh energy cost. However, these prices are correct as of December 2019.

Basic Assumptions:

  • All calculations assume that 30.2 days are averaged per month
  • All calculations are made based on a Heat Mat’s -NGTouch thermostat set to ‘off’. This function could reduce power consumption, but it is impossible to calculate without additional information about the installation.
  • The average temperatures for a winter month determine the monthly cost.
  • Conservatories have a heat loss factor of 1.3.
  • The temperature target for the “on” period is 21degC
  • During any periods of ‘off’, the property temperature is kept at 16°C
  • An average UK home has an upstairs floor measuring 45m2, while a 3 bedroom home measures 88m2. 
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