Mandevilla Plant General Care

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Mandevilla plants are popular patio plants. The flowering plant is a tropical addition to any landscape. You may be curious about what it takes to grow Mandevilla once you have purchased the plant. Continue reading to find out more about Mandevilla cultivation.

Tips for Mandevilla Plant Care 

When you purchase your Mandevilla plant, it will be a beautiful, full-flowered plant. It may be possible to plant it in the ground or a larger or more decorative container. Mandevilla flowers require sandy soil that drains well and has plenty of organic material. Two parts peat moss, potting soil, and one part builder’s sand make a good soil mixture for the plants.

The type of sunlight they get is an essential aspect of Mandevilla care. Mandevilla vines require full sun to bloom well. However, they can tolerate some shade.

Fertilize your plant with a water-soluble, high-phosphorus fertilizer every two weeks. It will ensure that your flowering plant continues to bloom beautifully.

You may want to purge your Mandevilla plant also. It will make your Mandevilla bushier and more packed by pinching 1/4 to 1/2 inch (6mm) of your Mandevilla vine with your fingers to 1 cm. Take off one centimeter from the stem.

Mandevilla can be considered a vine and will require support to grow. Make sure you have a trellis and other supports for your Mandevilla vines to grow.

Growing the Plant Year-Round 

Although the Mandevilla plant is commonly considered an annual, it is a frost-tolerant perennial. You can bring your Mandevilla plants indoors during winter when temperatures drop below 50 °F (10 °C).

Before bringing your Mandevilla flowers indoors, inspect the plant for pests. The plant may need to be reduced by as much as one-third.

Place your Mandevilla vine indoors in a spot that receives indirect, bright light. The soil should be dry when you water the plant.

When the temperature is consistently above 50°F (10°C), you can remove the dead leaves from your Mandevilla plant and bring them outside for another summer.

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