General Care for the Rubber Tree Plant

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The rubber tree plant can reach up to 50 feet (15 meters) in height. There are some key points to remember when caring for this plant. However, rubber plant care is not as complicated as you might think. A young rubber tree houseplant is more likely to be able to adapt to indoor life than a mature one.

Proper Light and Water for a Rubber Tree Plant 

As with all plants, it is important to maintain a healthy balance of light and water when caring for rubber plants. Because they don’t need too much water, you can adjust the amount of light it receives.


The rubber tree houseplant requires bright light, but prefers indirect lighting that isn’t too hot. It is recommended to place it next to a window with sheer curtains. This will allow for plenty of light but not too much heat.


A balanced amount of water is essential for the rubber tree plant. It should be kept moist throughout the growing season and watered once per week. You can also wipe the plant’s leaves with a damp cloth, or spray them with water. The rubber plant will become yellowed and brown if it is overwatered.

To encourage new leaves in a rubber tree houseplant, make a cut at the spot where a leaf has fallen off. This will make it easier for a new leaf to grow faster.

It may only require water during the dormant period when it is not in use. The rubber tree should be watered once a month until it starts to drop leaves.

Propagation of a Rubber Tree Plant 

Once you have mastered the care of a rubber tree plant, and it is healthy and growing well, then you can start to propagate indoor rubber tree plants. There are several ways to create new rubber tree plant cuttings. One of the easiest ways to make new rubber tree plant cuttings is to take a small, healthy branch from a tree. Then you can put it in good potting soil.

Air layering is another method. You make a cut in your rubber tree houseplant and then insert a toothpick into the hole. Then, wrap damp moss around it. To keep the moisture levels higher, wrap the plant in plastic wrap. When roots appear, trim the branch and plant it. These are the key to caring for rubber plants.

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