Myths on What Rabbits Eat

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Many myths surround what rabbits eat. These include the belief that they need lots of carrots or lettuce and regular amounts of commercial food. Although carrots can be enjoyed occasionally, rabbits do not eat any fruit or vegetables in their natural environment.

Common Myths on What Rabbits Eat


1. Carrots Being Their Main Source of Nutrition

The truth is, carrots should not be your main source of nutrition. Rabbits don’t naturally eat root vegetables and fruits. This is because fruit and carrots are high in sugar, so they should be only given as an occasional treat.

Rabbits require mainly hay or grass, some leafy greens, and a small number of pellets. Check out our meal plan for rabbits.

2. Using Hay Only For Bedding

Hay is actually the main food source for rabbits. They are more than just bedding. Your rabbit should have fresh, clean hay at all times. A lot of grass or hay helps to reduce the number of teeth your rabbits are developing and keep their stomachs healthy. This allows for foraging and grazing which are natural, important behaviors.

3. Basing Your Rabbit’s Diet on Lettuce

A rabbit shouldn’t have its diet based on eating lettuce. Some lettuce, such as icebergs, are not safe for rabbits. They contain lactucarium which can cause severe health problems in large amounts. Some lettuce is better than others. Light-colored varieties of lettuce are high in water and have little nutritional value.

You can also feed more fibrous, leafy, and darker varieties (e.g. You can feed romaine lettuce to your rabbit. These are richer in nutrients and fiber. They should be introduced slowly, as rabbits that are not used to lettuce may have stomach upsets.

4. Using Shop-bought Rabbit Food

Too much store-bought rabbit food can lead to weight gain, and your rabbit may not eat enough hay or grass. To ensure your rabbit gets all the vitamins and minerals that they require, you can give them a small number of nuggets or pellets every day. You should not feed your rabbit muesli-style food, as this can cause stomach problems and teeth problems.

Pre-packaged rabbit food is a good choice. Rabbits will eat fast if they have nothing to do. Hay and grass are more important than rabbit food and should be the main part of your rabbit’s daily diet.

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