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Cats can be a nuisance in gardens because they use your borders and beds as their personal toilet, which is something that no gardener would allow. Wondering what plants would help cats to stay away from your thriving garden without chemicals? We’ve collected the best plants as cat repellent for gardens. 

Problems with Cats in Gardens

Similar to foxes, cats find gardens a vivid playground that can cause harm for our hard work! Cats can dig up seedlings and young plants, and make holes in your lawn and beds. There are times when gardening can be dangerous for your health, especially if your children are involved.

Health problems can also be caused by cat poop. It can contain Toxoplasma gondii parasites, which can cause severe health problems. This parasite is especially dangerous for pregnant women.

Cat Repellent For Garden – Best Plants

Cat repellent plants are not harmful to cats, they just deter them from the area. A few plants have been shown to deter cats, in the same manner that cats love certain plants. Despite the fact that some plants can deter cats, they only work with about 70% of cats.

These cat repellent plants are very fragrant and can sometimes stop cats from pooping. However, it won’t keep them out of the whole garden. Cats will still be able to walk around and pass by. Rosemary

Cat Repellent Rosemary – Rosmarinus officinalis

Rosemary is often grown for its culinary purposes. It is a popular herb in the garden with a sweet, pleasant scent. Rosemary is a natural repellent for cats, because they are sensitive to its smell and don’t like it.

You can also grow them in both pots and in borders. It prefers to be in a dry area and will thrive in soil that is not too wet. Rosemary is an annual, making it an excellent choice because it doesn’t need to be replaced every season like other plants. This plant will not thrive in moist, wet soil.

Scaredy cat plant (coleus canina)

One of the most well-known cat repellent plants is the scaredy cat plant. It emits a strong smell that resembles pee, which can make it unpleasant for humans. However, some people love the pleasant smell. It is best to plant it in areas with problems or as a barrier.

These plants can grow without any care and can thrive in dry environments. These plants are great for dry spots where cats go to the bathroom, as they tend to avoid damp soil.

Lavender as Organic Cat Repellent For Garden

Lavender, a kind of herb plant, is very popular in the USA and UK. It grows to a small shrub about 30cm (1 ft) high. Although it has a strong sweet scent, it is not unpleasant for cats so it can be a deterrent.

The lavender can grow well in both poor and moderate soils. It is also drought-tolerant, so it is great for dry areas. It can be planted in rows or single plants between shrubs and plants to create a barrier. It is an evergreen plant that repels cats all year, which is unlike the scaredy cat plants.

Pots are also a good option for lavender, as they can be moved to the areas where cats poop.

Curry PlantCurry Plant – Helichrysum angustifolium or Iitalicum

The curry plant is usually sold as a shrub. It produces yellow flowers and can grow wild in Mediterranean regions. It smells just like curry, making it a great deterrent plant for cats. It is not an herb and has no culinary uses. It can grow between 30-50cm in height and has a similar spread. However, you can prune it back in spring.

Rue – Ruta Graveolens

Rue, a shrub that deters cats, can be grown in dry soils. Rue can be poisonous if eaten, so it is best to take care when handling this plant. Although it isn’t very well-known, it has proven to be effective in repelling cats.


Pennyroyal, one of the smallest mint varieties, was once used for cooking. It is now used to deter cats. It is also known as pudding grass.

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