How To Get Rid Of Fox In Your Garden, Practical Tips

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If you ever came across unwanted thieves in your garden, it was probably a fox visiting. They are annoying. and sometimes leave a huge foul mess on your lawn. In his article, we collected the most common and practical ways to get rid of foxes.

Both organic and non-organic fox repellents will be mentioned, just in case you want to try both methods.

Popular Fox Repellent Products

Fox repellent products are also widely available for quick and safe ways to get rid of foxes.

Easy ways to categorize fox repellent products are:

  • Automatic sprays
  • High-frequency sound and flashes of bright light device
  • Ultrasonic sound machines
  • Plastic mats
  • Powder-based solutions

The choice is yours, really depends on your garden size and the frequency of foxes visiting your garden. To read more about these products, we made a full fox repellent guide.

What Attracts Foxes To Your Garden?

Before you can understand how to deter foxes in your garden, it is important to understand why they want to be there. Foxes can eat almost any food, this is why you must ensure that there is no food in your garden. You may need to take out bird feeders, livestock (chickens or rabbits), bin storages as well as berries and fruit. It is essential that foxes cannot gain access to livestock or bin storage because they’ll come back if they don’t.

Does Soil Attract Foxes In Gardens

Soft soil is another reason foxes may be attracted to your garden. This is because fox cubs have the opportunity to dig in it. Fox cubs are dependent on their mother for 12 weeks and cannot build dens. They have much to learn and practice. Flower beds are a great place for them to get some experience digging. It’s also important to ensure that there is water access when inspecting an area for Foxes. Foxes will often choose gardens with a pond or water supply. It’s best that you cover any pond and make it impossible for foxes to get to the water pipes.

General garden tidying is a good way to keep foxes away. Foxes can feel secure in a garden that is overgrown with shrubbery or bushes.

What Do Foxes Hate?

Foxes can be very timid and will move on to other areas if they feel unsafe. A simple trick to scare foxes if you hear them in your garden at night is to shout at them, and they will not like it. Foxes will feel unsafe if they hear unexpected loud noises. Motion-activated sprinklers and lights are very effective too. You can use water or flashing lights to scare foxes if they enter your garden. However, foxes can become used to this behavior. This is why you can’t rely on this alone.

Foxes are able to sense smell and can be sensitive to certain smells. This sense of smell can be used to get rid of foxes in your yard and at home. You can try home remedies, such as spraying vinegar all over your garden, soil, and around your shed. 

Practical Tips On How To Get Rid Of Fox

  1. Keep your garden free of trash and tidy.
  2. Every day, clean up any animal feces in your garden. To neutralize any smells left by animals, you can add some citronella to your water. Citronella can cause poisoning in pets, so make sure to check with your vet before using it.
  3. Small bowls of white vinegar should be placed where the foxes enter the garden. They don’t like it!
  4. Sprinkle cayenne pepper in areas where they are most comfortable (on top of the shed where they defecate, under bushes, etc.) and where they enter the garden. Foxes do not like cayenne pepper.
  5. You should move items around in the garden every other day. This will upset foxes who like their territory to stay the same.
  6. Regularly trim bushes, hedges and trees.
  7. You can place something large in front if you see an area they love to hide or sleep. They will eventually stop wanting to use it.
  8. Get some fence/wall spikes. These can be placed on top of fences or walls in your outdoor space. Foxes will find them uncomfortable to walk on.
  9. You can invest in a water-based, humane deterrent or a repeller that emits high-frequency sounds.
  10. Place male human urine where the fox congregates with other foxes, or where they defecate.

Organic Ways To Get Rid Of Fox In Gardens

Citronella Oil

Citronella Essential Oil (Cymbopogon Winterianus) is steam distilled. It has a refreshing, cleansing, and strong lemon scent. Use 20 drops of essential oil or 1ml to make a mixture of 100ml carrier oil and the remaining 1%. Do not apply undiluted essential oils to the skin.

White Vinegar

Natural white vinegar is useful for removing garden weeds, odours, and limescale. It also has none of the side effects that are often associated with cleaning products. This product does not contain any toxic chemicals or fumes. This product is a great way to keep foxes away from your garden.

Cayenne Pepper

 Foxes do not like cayenne pepper. Use Cayenne by spraying the shed’s roof with water, letting it dry and then sprinkling 2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper around the base and top of the shed. This is done every 3-4 days. Sprinkle some of this in areas where they are likely to be found, such as the top of their sheds, areas where they defecate, and hidden areas where they sleep (under bushes, etc.) to discourage them from entering your garden. This is an effective fox deterrent.

Fox laws in the UK

It is important to understand the laws surrounding fox control when learning how to eliminate foxes. You could face a penalty of up to six months imprisonment and a fine of PS5,000 if you don’t follow the law.

You must not destroy or block a den you have found in your home. It’s difficult to tell if the foxes are still in your home as they can travel deep underground. Blocking the hole can trap the fox inside and make it impossible for them to escape. Foxes should not eat poisonous substances. Foxes can be killed with a suitable weapon and ammunition. You may have to notify local authorities if the shooting is taking place.


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