Peace Lily Turning Brown: How To Get Solve & Prevent

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Peace lilies are green with beautiful flowers. They have graceful, slender leaves that look like porcelain. It’s time for you to review how you care for your peace lily. When your peace lilies are turning brown that’s usually a sign that the owner did not care enough.

Reasons Why Your Peace Lily Turns Brown 

The beautiful, lily-like flowers of a peace lily emerge from a mass of glossy green leaves. You should immediately review your cultural care if you notice brown spots on peace lily leaf leaves.

Poor care is almost always the cause of brown peace lily tips. Each house plant species has different needs for water, fertilizer, and sun. The plant will be affected if you miss any aspect.

Irrigation problem 

Irrigation, whether too much or too low, is the most common reason for brown spots on peace lily leaf leaves. Experts recommend waiting until the lily starts to wilt slightly before watering it. The leaf tips can turn brown if the plant is given too much water. If you wait until the lily becomes deeply wilted rather than just slightly, then brown peace lily tips will occur. It is also bad for the plant to water so often that the soil becomes soggy.


These plants love warm and humid environments and to provide the plants with the humidity they need, you can place them in a large saucer filled full of water and pebbles. The peace lily might still be fine if you don’t. It will likely get damaged if it is placed in direct contact with a heat vent and leaf damage can be seen in the form brown tips on peace lilies.

Fertilizer and/or salt

Excess fertilizer can also cause brown leaf tips in peace lilies. Feed your lily only once every few months. You can dilute the solution to make it very weak. Brown spots on peace lily leaves can also be caused by salt in the water. Use distilled water to irrigate if you suspect that your water contains high levels of salt.

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