7 Best Flowering Houseplants To Grow At Home

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Many house plants are grown to produce interesting and dramatic foliage. However, some also provide additional pleasure through the blooming of flowers. Flowering house plants are more durable than cut flowers which only last a few days. If you’re lucky, they can provide long-lasting successions for weeks.


7 Best Flowering Houseplants


Hoyas are also known as wax flowers. They produce beautiful clusters full of fragrant flowers that vary in scent depending on which type they are. Grow them in bright areas, but not in direct sunlight. Hoyas varieties to be considered are: Hoya lacunosa, Hoya australis, and Hoya carnosa.

Peace lily

The peace lily (Spathiphyllum wallisii) is a member of the Araceae Family with unique flowers. It consists of a white spadix with lots of small flowers and a graceful white bract. The blooms are usually long-lasting and appear in spring or summer. You will have the best chance to see blooms in a warm, humid environment that is not exposed to direct sunlight.

Madagascar jasmine

The Madagascar jasmine (Stephanotis Florbunda), is similar to the hardy jasmine varieties that can be grown outside in the UK. It has exquisitely scented flowers that bloom from late spring through mid-autumn. Although it is difficult to get them to re-flower, they are not hard to convince. The length of the current year’s whippy stems will determine the flowering time. You can encourage them by planting them in a sunny, warm area in spring or summer and feeding them with a potassium-rich liquid fertilizer.



Geraniums or pelargoniums are great to grow indoors. Some even have fragrant foliage. Take pelargonium cuttings to increase your indoor plant stock. To ensure a constant supply of flowers, don’t forget about deadheading them. Bougainvillea, a pink-flowered houseplant, is another option.


You can grow a wide range of flowering plants that are bromeliads. These include tillandsias (vriesias), tillandsias (vriesias), neoregelias (billbergias), and aechmeas. They have bright colour bracts that appear to be colourful and are actually small flowers, and therefore, perfect to grow at home in a bright spot with regular misting.


Streptocarpus thrives in bright areas, but not in direct sunlight, and will produce brightly-coloured flowers for many months. They are easy to grow and you will be able to propagate them easily, so you will never run out of plants. To ensure that you have a constant supply of flowers, you should remove the spent stalks.

False Shamrock

False shamrock

False shamrock (Oxalis Triangularis), in addition to its beautiful trifoliate leaves and small clusters, also produces contrasting pale lilac blooms on delicate stems. They’re also easy to grow.

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