How to Stop Foxes From Digging in Your Garden

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Foxes are true nocturnal mammals, who love to hide in the shadows and play. Usually, farmers consider foxes a nuisance as they are messing up your garden and leave stinky surprises on the ground. As urban foxes become more common, it is becoming an issue for common gardeners too.

This is why we also created our link for the best fox repellents to help gardeners protect their lawns.

Foxes will not only dig up lawns but also dig into flower beds to store food for later. We will be discussing how to prevent foxes from digging in your

Why Do Foxes Dig Lawns?

Foxes may dig up your lawn for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they have a good reason, but other times it’s just for fun. When foxes are searching for earthworms or other grubs, they often dig small holes. Grubs and Worms are most likely to reach the surface only in wetter environments. The holes look like a hole that a dog would dig.

What makes foxes dig up lawns

Rarely, foxes are known to dig deeper and tear up lawns. This can often be attributed to the application of blood and bone fertilizer. The fox is searching for its next meal and smells the corpse. We mentioned that sometimes foxes don’t need a reason to dig and this is especially true for cubs who will dig just for fun – and leave a mess.

How To Stop Foxes From Digging in Your Garden

There is no way to stop foxes from digging up your lawn. It is better to keep them away altogether. You are preventing foxes from digging in your lawn by keeping them out of it. Here are some ideas that will keep foxes away. These ideas may be effective on their own, but it is possible to combine them with other strategies for better results.

1. Security Lights

Foxes are nervous animals and prefer darkness. They don’t like flashing lights, sudden movements or loud noises. The motion-activated security lights can be a deterrent to foxes because they are easily disturbed by bright lights. You can also deter potential burglars by having security lights in your garden!

2. Electronic Fox Deterrents

A few electronic fox deterrents emit high-pitched sounds that can only be heard by animals. The fox will not tolerate the high-pitched sound because it is aimed at their acute hearing. These devices are limited in range so it is best to point them at entry points to discourage foxes coming in.

3. Smells

To make a natural repellent for foxes, boil some garlic and chilli. This will repel foxes without causing any harm to the environment. Foxes are sensitive to smell so it won’t be surprising that they don’t like garlic.

Foxes are territorial creatures so you can find fox repellent packs that are similar to the scent of a dominant fox. Your problem fox will be made nervous by the odours of a dominant fox, hopefully keeping them away from returning.

4. Motion Activated Sprinklers

You can purchase motion-activated sprinklers to keep foxes out of your garden. Motion-activated sprinklers function in the same manner as motion-activated security lighting. The sprinkler system will activate when it detects movement in shadows. With the fox on high alert and the sprinkler system on, it will soon disappear. These are an excellent way to keep foxes away from your garden.

What to Consider when Deterring Foxes from Your Garden

Foxes aren’t true hunters. They are opportunistic scavengers who will find whatever is available. That is why they will take defenseless chickens if it is possible. Because of the abundance of trash and other tempting smells, they are attracted to urban societies.


Reduce the amount of rubbish that is stored outside. Foxes will love nothing more than to rummage through your rubbish bags in search of the carcass from Sunday’s chicken roast. It is best to keep rubbish outside in a bin or wheelie bin, away from the reach of foxes.

Entry/ Exit Points

Covering any entry or exit points is the best way to stop foxes getting into your garden. Block any holes or gaps under fencing, and point security lights or electronic devices at any route the fox might be following.

Finally, Stop Foxes Once And For All In Your Garden

There are several ways you can stop foxes from digging in your garden. You can prevent them from entering your garden by making use of their nervousness through sound, light, and motion. You can also use a combination of items to ensure success.

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