Growing Buddleia Butterfly Bush Made Easy

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The beautiful buddleia bush is a great choice if you are looking to transform your outdoor space in the summer. A buddleia bush is a beautiful and attractive plant that attracts butterflies. 

What Is A Buddleia Plant?

It’s a flowering shrub that produces clusters of floral-shaped clusters. It is available in a variety of colors, including white, yellow and pink as well as red, blue, purple and blue. The sweet scent attracts birds and pollinators, such as butterflies and bees.

Buddleias can reach heights of at least 6 feet, but they can also grow to about 10 feet tall and have a width equal to that. The buddleia is large, fragrant and colorful, making it a good choice for gardeners who want to attract wildlife to enhance their gardens.

When Do Flowers Bloom?

The buddleia, a semi-evergreen perennial plant, only loses its leaves for a short time after it has flowered. Buddleia flowers appear from early summer to autumn and are a great choice for anyone looking for a quick boost of color and life.

When Should You Plant A Buddleia Plant?

Planting Buddleias in the late autumn or early season is a good idea. Buddleias are tolerant of a wide range of conditions making them an excellent choice for people who want a low-effort plant. Buddleias require well-drained soil. 

This is why they are best planted in the late autumn or early spring, before it becomes frozen. The buddleia will not be affected by winter, but it can withstand the cold and will regrow as soon as the sun comes back.

Plant your buddleia carefully considering the full-grown bush size and ensuring that there is enough space for it to grow.

Growing Buddleia

Before planting your buddleia, make sure you have enough space and well-drained soil. Buddleias grow naturally so no fertilizer is required. However, a good soil mix will make it easier to plant.

After you have planted your buddleia plant, make sure to continue watering it as the plant grows. You should not soak the soil too much and water the plant sparingly once it is fully grown. The butterfly bush doesn’t need much moisture and excessive water can be harmful to it.


The butterfly bush can reach over 10 feet in height and spread quickly throughout your garden. Trimming is important. It is recommended that the buddleia be fully trimmed at least once per year, and ideally in the early spring after any frost danger has passed. Although March is a good time to prune, it is important to consider the local weather. Pruning should be avoided if there is a possibility of very cold weather as frost can damage new growths.

You should trim your butterfly bush’s branches back to the ground. Leave stems that are approximately a foot long. Even if the existing branches aren’t damaged, it’s easy for a buddleia to become overcrowded. This is what allows the new flowers to grow in summer. After this intensive spring pruning, it is important to continue to watch your buddleia throughout each year. Dead or damaged blooms must be removed immediately.

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