Fast Growing Flowers To Grow in Ornamental Gardens

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Ornamental Flowers are still a necessity in your garden because beneficial insects feed off of them. You can scatter these plants in beds during spring. In this list, the fast-growing flowers will start to bloom in 60 to 70 days from seed under spring conditions. Start your seeds indoors in late winter, use cloches to ease your plants in adjusting to outdoor conditions.

Beautiful and Fast-Growing Flowers to Plant in Your Ornamental Garden


Also known as bachelor’s buttons. They’re used to spring conditions and bees love the flowers that bloom in early summer. Its flowers are edible, it can be infused with cornflower floral water to soothe puffy eyes.


Also known as the pot marigold is used as a skin-healing herb or its dried petals can be the substitute for saffron. Their leaves are broader therefore they can be a cover crop. 


Sunflower seedlings survive spring frosts. Get an early bloom from the Jua Inca or the Solar Flare variety. It is also possible to grow sunflowers in pots, which could be a super interesting indoor gardening project too!


Also known as love-in-a-mist. They steadily grow in cool spring weather and bloom in early summer. They are an excellent partner to taller flowers.

sweet alyssumSweet Alyssum

Hoverflies and other small beneficial insects love this flower. The Sweet Alyssum are low-growing plants and their fragrance depends on the variety you chose. The smell they give off is strongest in the evening.


There are many colors of petunias and not only are they beautiful, but they’re also pest resistant and easy to please. 


It attracts bees and other pollinators since it’s the tastiest of all edible flowers. Nasturtium can be grown for interplanting with tomatoes or cucumbers to avoid pests. Immature nasturtium seed capsules taste like capers when pickled in salt brine. 

annual phloxAnnual Phlox

It’s a flower native to Texas. The Annual Phlox attracts Butterflies to seek out the nectar-rich flowers. They blossom even in early season heat waves or dry spells.

Johnny Jump-ups

Also known as violas, mini-pansies, or field pansies. They can tolerate frost, are enthusiastic re-seeders, and can be partnered beautifully with spring-flowering bulbs. 


California poppies are the fastest-growing poppies in spring. Breadseed poppies can also be grown but need to be sown over cold soil. Poppies are hard to grow from the start but once you’ve gone through the year, they re-seed. They attract bees and other pollinators in early summer.

Final Thoughts on Fast-Growing Flowers

Quick-blooming flowers can return for a second season if you do the pull-and-shake method of replanting. Pulling old plants then shaking them where you plan to plant them will be good enough since its seeds will know what to do by then.

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