Gardening Jobs For December 2024

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You might be tempted to do some armchair gardening as the temperatures drop. However, there are still many things you can do in and around your garden to prepare it for next year. Clearing out old crops, pruning, and replacing nutrients in the soil will require cold-weather winter wear. However, planting herbs can be done in comfort and warmth in the greenhouse or home. Here are the gardening jobs for December 2022 that you should do.

This is the season for joy, so relax and enjoy. You can be active in your garden all year, but you can always wait until next year!

Cleaning The Whole Garden

To recycle organic garden waste, you should build or purchase a compost bin. An old pallet can be used as a frame to make your own compost bin. Clean out old crop beds, and then fill the compost bin. Add a Compost Maker accelerator to accelerate the composting process.

Remove any leaves that have developed black spots from roses last year and throw them away. You should not place diseased leaves in the compost bin. Winter is a time when wildlife and birds need extra care. Make sure that any water baths or feeders are free of bugs or debris. To remove dirt and other debris, clean the area with a Greenhouse Disinfectant.

When it is very cold outside, protect pots by moving them inside or putting them together in a protected area. Clean out any old seed trays, and prepare them for next year. Take out leaves and other debris from your gutters. Service lawn mowers and other tools

Make sure to check trees, large bushes, and shrubs that are in need of support. To prevent wind damage, repair garden stakes and secure your plants.

What To Prune, Plant, and Feed

December is the best time to prune ornamental and fruit trees. Hedges can be pruned hard while they are dormant.

Apply a Winter Tree Wash to protect trees from scale insects, spider mites, and aphids. Winter Tree Wash can remove both eggs and bugs, which will prevent infestations that could affect crops. Apply Fruit Tree Grease and Tree Bands to stop crawling insects from getting in your way. Both can be applied directly to the stem or trunk.

Plant bare-root roses or trees. It’s never too late to restore soil nutrients. Re-soil the soil and add compost or organic soil conditioner. Protect brassicas from pigeons by keeping winter vegetables like Kale covered with netting. You should also start harvesting winter root vegetables.

Lawn Care Gardening Jobs for December 2024

While we prefer to let the grass grow for most of the winter, it is important to rake the leaves every now and again to protect the grass beneath. Spike lawns to improve drainage and aeration Avoid the lawn if possible, especially if it is covered in snow or frost.

Greenhouse Gardening

Greenhouse Disinfectant can be used to clean your greenhouse if you have not done so already. For rot, inspect overwintering dahlia bulbs and tubers for signs of rot. Make sure that heaters are turned on and that pipes and taps are protected from frost. Aphids can be easily detected and removed

Indoor Gardening (Houseplants)

Reduce the amount of water that you give your houseplants. They will need less water during winter, but you should be careful about any plants that are near heat sources, such as heaters or radiators, as they are more likely to dry out. If possible, eliminate drafts from plants. This could mean that plants closer to doors are moved indoors.

Place herbs such as mint and dill in a pot on your windowsill. You will be able pick fresh herbs all winter, not only will they smell great but also because of their versatility. You should deadhead indoor plants like azaleas, and make sure you don’t water too much.

To get the best sunlight, move houseplants to the window. However, avoid areas where there is a radiator. To get in the holiday spirit, fill your home with festive flowers like poinsettia!

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