Make A Rat-Proof Compost Bin (UK)

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Rats tend to look for warmth and a place with plenty to eat when winter is fast approaching. A place where that exists in your compost bin. After you’ve successfully collected your organic multi-purpose compost, it is time to set up a rat-proof compost bin to prevent unwanted rat visits. 

Rats in your Compost

How to Rat-Proof A Compost Bin? Follow These Easy Steps

1. Make sure the compost bin is solid

Use a bin with a solid side. You should only use a wooden, open-slatted wood bin for garden waste. Vegetable peelings and other kitchen waste should go in a sealed bin with solid sides and a cover. Most commercial plastics come with a rat-proof base. If yours does not, then you can place it on a strong wire mesh with holes smaller than 15mm.

2. Check if the Bin is Secure

Make sure the bin is placed securely with no space between the lid and sides. This will make it difficult for rats to enter the bin. 

3. Place the Compost Bin Outside

Put your compost heap in an open space to keep rats from sneaking into it from your fences.

4. Oversee Your Compost

Make sure you relocate your bin to a place where you often pass by to discourage them from going to it.

5. Watch out What You Throw into Your Compost Bin

Don’t add cooked food, especially meat and fish, or anything strong-smelling like cheese and fats to the bin. I also found that eggshells were a particular favourite, to the extent that they started calling at it for a takeaway.

Take Stock of Your Garden

Take one last look at your garden, meadows and long grass can attract these rodents even more. Bird Feeders tend to make a mess with the grains that may fall down to the ground. Make sure to add a slab below the feeder for the birds to easily clean off the discarded seeds. 

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