Are Expandable Garden Hoses Worth It?

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Expandable garden hoses are a great thing. It was not without its kinks, as with all new technologies. There were also many cheap, fly-by-night companies to help.

It’s much better now. First, they are easier to use than regular garden hoses. The following are a few of the reasons why they’re great:

  • Almost weightless, so you don’t have to carry around long lengths of hose.
  • Don’t twist or kink, so there are no annoying knots to worry about and no need for hoses that twist in the wrong direction.
  • Shrinks to around a third of their original length so they are easy to store and don’t need to be rolled.
  • Self-emptying so there is no need to worry about getting the water out of the storage containers for winter.

How Do Expandable Garden Hoses Work

There are two basic parts to expandable hoses. An inner thin hose of expandable latex, which can stretch 2 to 3 times its length when filled by water; and an outer protective covering that expands or shrinks with the hose. These covers are typically made from wear-resistant fabrics.

The high-pressure fittings at either end of the hose ensure a tighter and less leak-prone fitting than regular hose fittings. This is a huge technical leap compared to the garden hose. It’s almost as simple as it gets.

This was the problem with many early and some current expandable hoses. They have the most obvious flaws: thin latex tubes that are prone to rupturing, poor-quality fittings. Leaked under pressure and had cheap outer covers that caught on concrete or tore off too easily.

Price of Expandable Garden Hoses Dropped

The good news is that major lawn and garden companies have increased their game. Many expandable hoses can be found at a great price. There are 50-100-foot hoses available in the $25-$50 price range, which is not much different than old-fashioned hoses. The following 5 criteria after reading all of the pros and cons.

Most important factors Of A Garden Hose

  • Material and thickness of inner tubes. The best choice is to use 2- or 3-layer latex tubes. Any less than that can cause pinpricks and ruptures within a few use.
  • Brass fittings should be a standard. There are slight differences in how they attach to hoses, which can make it easier to prevent leaks.
  • The outer layer is a woven fabric and must contract or expand. It can catch on sharp objects such as corners and can also be damaged by being dragged on concrete or other rough surfaces. The best shells are more durable and abrasion-resistant.
  • Warranty varied depending on which brand you buy
  • Performs as described. Some brands lose pressure when the hose is longer.

Best Brand to Get 

The Aterod 50ft model had the best reviews and the best quality parts. Not to mention the 12-month warranty. Although the price was reasonable, it isn’t a major factor in this category. There are many good, high-quality expandable hoses available in the $20-40 price range. However, there are several poor options for those who want to spend twice as much.


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