How To Care & Oil Wooden Handles For Garden Tools

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Winter is the rest of the season for gardeners, and garden tools need a little extra care before being discarded. Cleaning and oiling wooden handles for garden tools, from spades to scuffle homes will make them more enjoyable to use.

A quick tip to lessen missing garden tools is to mark your tools with colors that stand out. Through this, you’ll be quicker when you’re starting to round them up for cleaning.

Cleaning Wooden Handles For Garden Tools

Start by gathering up all the tools that you own then give them a scrub with hot soapy water and a stiff toothbrush. However, this may not be practical on all cold winter days. You can also clean the tool handles dry with a damp rag and a metal brush. The goal is to remove any soil or scum from the crevices. To smoothen out any splinters and other irregularities, you can use fine sandpaper.

Oiling Wooden Handles For Garden Tools And Blades

After wood handles have dried, apply oil to protect them from dirt and moisture. This helps prevent the handle becoming dry and brittle. Because they dry quickly, tung and linseed oils are recommended. However, coconut oil and walnut oil are equally effective. You will need to heat your tools for this job. Any oil that penetrates wood best can be used at room temperature.

Steps To Oil Wooden Handles For Garden Tools

Apply your oil to a clean cloth. Allow the handle to rest for about ten minutes, then lightly wipe it with a dry cloth. Older wood handles, which have been exposed to the sun for a long time, may need second or third oiling. However, you will be amazed by the transformation once you are done.

Last, oil the tool’s metal parts. However, any oil can be used, even vegetable oil from your pantry. A quick wipe down with vegetable oil can remove rust spots and prevent new ones. It will also make tools look better.

How To Care For Sharp Garden Tool Blades

Because blades can corrode even when kept dry, do the serious sanding or sharpening of gardening tools for spring. And there is nothing better than a freshly sharpened tool when you are weeding spring carrots. There are still small pleasures to be found in simply holding a restored tool handle.

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