When To Plant Fruit Bushes In The UK?

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Planting your own fruit bushes can bring you the sweetest rewards! Here we listed down the easiest fruit bushes you should plant in 2022. Wonder when to plant these fruit bushes? Keep scrolling!

When To Plant Fruit Bushes? Easy Fruits To Try

Easy Raspberries

The harvests of raspberries are exceptional for the effort required to grow them. There are two types: autumn-fruiting and summer-fruiting raspberries. Because they require minimal support to prevent them from flopping over, autumn-fruiting raspberries can be the easiest to grow.

Pruning Raspberries

Pruning is easy, you’ll only need to cut all the canes back in the winter to make room for new canes. The autumn-fruiting raspberries provide a steady supply from the end of summer up until the first frosts.


Scrumptious Strawberries

There are a variety of early, mid, and late-season alpine strawberries to choose from, so you can pick fruits all year. Strawberries will produce fruit the first year after they are planted. Because they aren’t woody plants, you only need to trim the leaves after they have borne fruit.

How Fast Do Strawberries Go Bad

If fruits are left on the ground or covered with mud, they can become rotten. Protect them by placing straw around flowers. Planting an autumn-fruiting variety or perpetual variety can give you a late crop. Then cover the plants with row covers or blankets to keep them from freezing.

Bountiful Blackberries and Hybrid Berries

You should forget about the viciously spiny blackberry canes. Modern varieties are usually thornless and the fruits are larger and sweeter than wild ones. They are strong and relatively easy to manage. To encourage new growth, tie the canes to support and remove old canes.

What Are Hybrid Berries

Hybrid berries like loganberry, boysenberry, and tayberry result from a cross of the blackberry with other cane fruits such as raspberry or another hybrid. It is easy to grow and full of delicious berries.

Care-Free Currants

There are many red, white, and blackcurrants available. Currants grow well and produce abundant currant strings or clusters. These currants can be eaten fresh or blitzed into sauces or made into jam.

Both red and white currants thrive in cooler climates. They can even be grown well in shade. White currants are a better choice if you have a sweet tooth because they tend to be sweeter than reds. Blackcurrants don’t require much care, even if they are neglected. You can prune them in winter to remove any older or crossing branches. This will encourage healthy, new growth and lots of delicious fruits.

Versatile Gooseberries

Although the gooseberry is nearly indestructible, it can thrive in almost any soil. However, it prefers cooler climates with shelter from wind. You can choose from a variety of culinary options, such as jams, jellies, and pies to make, or fresh dessert varieties.

Gooseberries can still produce fruits even if they are neglected. You can enjoy bumper harvests every summer if you take care of them by pruning, feeding and mulching.

General Care for Soft Fruits Bushes

Soft fruits are generally smaller than tree fruits, and they mature faster so you don’t need to wait too long to get your first harvest. Container-grown soft fruits can be planted any time, while bare root fruits should be planted in the late winter through early spring.

Watering Fruit Bushes In The UK

You can keep your soft fruits healthy by watering them thoroughly every week, especially during dry weather. The plants will benefit from a spring top-dressing with organic mulch that is at least 5cm thick, such as compost, which will provide nutrients and improve soil structure.

Birds may love your fruits just as much as you do. You can keep them away by netting or by installing a walk-in cage.

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