Vegetable Planters For September Gardens – What to Plant, What to Grow

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Autumn is here and you wonder what to sow? There are tons of vegetables out there but which ones are the best to grow? I collected the best vegetables that are perfect for autumn. – So get your vegetable planters out and take notes!

Best Plants for Vegetable Planters

Spring Onions

You’ll be able to harvest onions in April if you’ve sown them in late August. The ‘White Lisbon’ is the variety recommended to grow this time of the year. They’re best sown or planted in 8 – 10 to harvest onions in one go.

Spring Onion

Hardy Oriental Salads

Hardy Oriental Salads are Rocket, Leaf Mustard, Mizuna, and Pak Choi. These are the greens that prefer cooler temperatures and survive even frost. They can provide salad leaves until mid-November and would grow well overwinter in a polytunnel or greenhouse.

Other Winter Salads Vegetable Planters

Clayton and Corn Salad are known to be cold tolerant and can give you fresh greens for a long time. They can survive winter outside and grow again in Spring.

Chard and Perpetual Spinach

Chard and Perpetual Spinach provides leaves before November arrives. They usually survive Winter then grow again in Spring. You can sow outdoors in August then plant them out.t in September.

True Spinach in Vegetable Planters

The Annual Spinach can be grown in September to get early harvests in April and May. You can sow them before mid August if you plan to plant them outside. 

Spring Cabbage

It’s best to plant them near the end of August to plant them out in mid or late September.  You’ll only have to grow them bigger but not large enough to form hearts to survive the Winter. It will go dormant over winter then resume growing in Spring.

Turnip Tokyo Cross

The Turnip Tokyo Cross is fast growing and provides small and sweet turnips before November. They need to be sown in August to grow outside but can be sown in a polytunnel until mid-September.

Calabrese Broccoli

Calabrese is a type of Broccoli that is tastier when homegrown, they grow quicker than Sprouting Broccoli. They can be used later in the season because they are fast-growing.

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