Vegetable Seeds To Sow In June: Complete List for Summer Gardening

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Summer is here, it is time to get active in the garden! Hot weather provides a great temperature for some vegetables but is harmful to other veg seeds. Here are the best seeds to sow in June.

Best Vegetable Seeds to Sow in June


Beetroots that have been sown in June often provide a better set of crops. They don’t suffer much from pests and diseases this time of the year too. Beetroots establish quickly in June to the month’s warmth.Beetroot

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts are known to be sown in Summer and are harvested over winter. Sprouts that were sown in modules are to be planted out in mid-June, harvest comes to overwinter. The most reliable variety of Brussels Sprouts is the ‘Brigitte F1’


Carrots are really for late May sowing, however, even if you do this in late June, you’ll still get worthwhile crops. It’s best to grow them in raised beds so you can leave them there over winter, but of course, they need insect mesh to protect them. By this time, it’s recommended to grow their ‘Early Nantes’ variety since they mature quicker. 

Dwarf French Beans / French beans / Runner beans

French and Runner Beans can be sown up until late June, and in return, you’ll get to harvest them by Autumn. Climbing varieties need support to where they’ll be planted. However, if you live somewhere windy, it’s best if you grow dwarf varieties.  

Sprouting Broccoli

Sowing Sprouting Broccoli would give you a springtime harvest. They become a filler of the hungry gap where there’s little harvest. Green or purple sprouting broccoli are large, so you better give them 75cm spaces from each other.

Winter and Spring cabbage

Cabbage can be harvested all year round. Although planting them in mid-June may be a little late, there would still be enough time to grow winter cabbages. It’s best to sow spring cabbage directly to give them more time before they stop growing in November but would continue on growing again in Spring. 

Calabrese Broccoli

Calabrese broccoli takes less space and is quicker-growing than Sprouting Broccoli. They can be sown from late March until late June. Keep in mind that the spaces in-between them when planted out determine how big they would become. Large heads would need 45c space between plants and 60cm space between rows. Smaller ones need 15cm space between plants and 60cm spacing between rows 


Cauliflower can be sown in June if your summer is cool and moist. Having a hot and dry summer would not be good enough to grow cauliflowers due to their temperature preference.

Chinese Cabbage

Chinese Cabbage is best sown in June and July, however, you’ll have to start them off in modules due to the fact that slugs like them so much. After 4 weeks, they can be planted out. Chinese Cabbages appreciate fertile soil, so add plenty of seaweed or poultry manure pellets. 

More Vegetable Seeds To Sow In June

Florence Fennel

Fennel is sown in modules and should be planted out after 4 – 5 weeks. The plant is prone to bolting when dried out, therefore, watering in dry weather is a must. Grow the ‘Rondo’ variety which is good and reliable.


Kale is ideally sown in early June, but you can still sow them in late June. However, doing so would give you smaller kale for overwinter harvest. The plant is best at being a cut and come again crop, picking its outer leaves and leaving 6 – 8 immature leaves in the center would continue on growing. Plant your seedlings 15cm – 20cm apart by plants and by rows to double their number.


KohlRabi, a quick and easy member of the cabbage family, can be sown up until the end of June. Plant them out with 20cm between plants and 30cm apart between rows.


Lettuce technically can be sown until the end of July. There are many varieties sold and they’re cheap. So it’s best to grow more than one variety of lettuce. Read more to find out what’s the best way to grow lettuce.

Spring onions

Despite its name, they can be sown up until the end of July. Sow 10 seeds per cell of your module trays, then after 4 weeks, plant them out. Harvest will come after 8 – 10 weeks.

Annual Spinach 

Annual Spinach can be sown until the end of August. You can grow them as baby leaves or their full size. Plant them 7cm apart to get baby leaves and 15cm apart to get full crops. But keep in mind that they should be 25cm apart by rows. 

Turnip Seeds to Sow in June

The small and white-fleshed turnips can be sown until the end of July, and you’ll get the delicious and sweet harvest of turnips by October. Turnips prefer cool and moist conditions that’s why they’re an excellent late summer crop. Remember that turnips don’t store well and are best used fresh.

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