How To Create Humidity For Plants Indoors

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Many of our most popular house plants are from tropical regions. They love warmth (usually higher than 7°C) as well as humidity. But how can you keep and maintain humidity for plants in the winter or autumn? What could be done to help your favorite indoor plants thrive?


Winter Misery, Depriving Humidity For Plants

Winter is a time when the heating turns on, which can lead to the leaves turning brown or shriveling around the tips and edges. Red spider mites can also be attracted to this lack of humidity. They feed on sap and leave yellow marks on the leaves and that weakens the plant.

Dry air is a problem for most indoor plants, but it’s more difficult for those with thinner leaves. Indoor ferns like the maidenhair (Adiantum Raddianum), palms like Chamaedorea Elegans, and prayer plants (Calathea Maranta) should be checked regularly throughout winter.

How To Create Humidity For Indoor Plants?

Hot Spots and Draughts Should be Avoided

Do not place house plants near heat sources or radiators. Heat sources can cause leaves to become scorched if they touch heaters. Also, humidity will drop to its lowest level. You can raise large plants from the ground to underfloor heating. Avoid placing plants near doors or corridors as they can lower humidity.

Spray with water

Spraying fine mist of water is the best way to increase humidity for plants Rainwater is a good choice, as it doesn’t contain any chemicals or lime. Make sure the water is tepid before spraying. Misting plants in water can cause damage to wooden furniture and soft furnishings. It is best to move them to a sink or bathtub.

Put Your Potted Indoor Plants on Gravel

Plants can be placed in a gravel tray to create a moist microclimate. As the water evaporates, the humidity will increase. Add a layer of gravel to a tray or ceramic bowl and place the plants. You can water it, but not enough to see the water. Then, top it off with water every so often.

Use the Bathroom for Natural Humid Environment

The bathroom is the perfect place to grow delicate exotic plants, thanks to the steaming baths and hot showers. You can move ferns and other plants to the bathroom during winter. They will thrive with no need for additional misting.

Grow Your Plants Under Glass

A terrarium is a great option for delicate plants that you want to keep warm during winter. These glass containers trap water and create a humid environment. For smaller plants, you can use a used aquarium or a large glass container with a lid. Once the plant is in, water it once. You won’t need to water again until several months.

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