How to Keep Your Indoor Plants Watered on Holiday

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Keeping your plants watered on holiday is easier than you might think. With these tips and tricks, you won’t have to worry about returning home to a dead plant or two. This post has some great advice from making sure your plants are safe and properly cared for while you are enjoying your vacation.

Don’t worry if it’s Winter

Remember that plants will be dormant if you go away in the winter or late autumn. They won’t be growing, so they won’t feel too much discomfort if they are not watered on holiday. However, you might consider moving them into a well-insulated area so that they don’t become too cold.

Don’t Put Them Under Sunlight

Your plants will lose more water if they are left in sunny areas that are warm and hot. They can be moved away from the window to get enough light but not too much heat.

Water thoroughly before you leave

It is important that your plants are watered on holiday before you leave. The excess water should be let out completely. However, if they are given a good drink, they should last at least one week.

Huddle them together

Your plants will create their own microclimate if they are grouped together. This will help keep the air around them humid. They can also chat with each other while you are away.

Make Use of the Wet Rag Trick

You can also try a DIY trick: Place a glass of water near your plant and then make a length of cotton rope or rag. Place one end of the rope in the water, and the other in the soil. Your plant should absorb as much water as it requires.

Add a Damp Newspaper on the Soil

After watering your plants, soak some newspaper sheets in water. Then lay them on top. Make sure to cover the entire surface. This will prevent water from evaporating too quickly and keep the soil moist longer.

Make use of Hydrospikes

Hydro Spikes can be used to fill your plants with water, and then stick them in the soil. Your plants will absorb the water as it is needed. These are great for plants that can withstand drought less well, such as ferns or fiddle leaf figs.

Ask for a Plant-Loving Friend’s Favor

While it is often recommended to ask a friend for help to keep your plants watered on holiday, this may not be the best option. Overwatering plants can cause more harm than good if a friend is well-meaning. People can forget, even if they are not at fault. Ask if you know someone who is great with plants. But unless you are going away for longer than two weeks, you shouldn’t be too worried.

Keep Calm When You Get Home

Don’t worry if your plants appear wilted after you return from holiday. It will be amazing how quickly your plants can recover from gentle watering. Do not overcompensate or give them too much water. Take it slow. It’s not worth reliving all the holiday calm.

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