Making Your Gardens Look Good In Winter Season

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Most gardens look drab at this time of year. But don’t worry! You can make your gardens look good in winter! You don’t have to move to the Bahamas to have a lovely winter garden. 

To ensure your garden looks beautiful in winter, give it structure and shape. Your winter plants are the bones or skeletons of your garden. First, you must decide which plants you want to plant and then consider what else you can plant in between them throughout the year. After you have planted your structural plants you can plant bulbs, perennials, or annuals among them. You will find the structure interesting during winter and it will keep everything together throughout the year.

It is possible that your garden is already beautiful in summer, but it looks dull and unloved during winter. You don’t have to worry about it. There are many plants you can add that will help your garden look better in winter. Here’s a list of plants I love not only for their winter interest but also because they provide structure any time of the year.

Best Plants For Making Your Gardens Look Good In Winter

Box (Buxus)

These evergreen plants can be grown in both the ground and in pots. These plants can be cut into beautiful geometrical shapes. Two large box balls are in pots. It is easy to move the plants around the garden by growing them in containers or pots. 

To mark the entrance, we also placed two box plants that are cone-shaped in pots at each end of our arch. To give the garden a uniform appearance, we also have smaller box balls that are planted in our flower beds. To give your garden a more cohesive look, it is better to plant multiple of these plants than one.


A row of lavender has been planted along one of our pathways. It was stunning with its beautiful blue flowers in spring, but now it is just as beautiful when it has been clipped into domes and is covered in frost.


These shrubs make a great addition to any garden. These shrubs are beautiful in flower and keep their shape well into winter. There are many varieties available so you can find the right one for your garden. You can plant more than one in your garden. Be sure to select a variety that won’t grow very vigorously. They can grow quite large in a short time. These dwarf varieties are ideal for small to medium-sized gardens. They can also be grown in pots or containers.

Fatsia Japonica

These beautiful, lush plants will give your garden a tropical appearance. They are also quite hardy and can be used in winter. They can be grown against a wall or fence, so they are protected from the cold and wind.


Mahonia is a very architectural and easy-to-grow plant. Although I don’t normally like prickly plants, I can overlook their spiny leaves here. It’s an easy plant to grow and looks stunning in bloom.

Best Plants For Winter Interest

Many plants are not considered winter-interesting. Echinaceas were planted for their late summer color, but they also have wonderful seed heads in winter. 

Sweet box (Sarcococca confusa)

This beautiful shrub not only provides evergreen interest but also produces white flowers and dark berries. This shrub is located near our woodland path to give you a sweet smell as you walk past it.


They are a great addition to any garden, especially in winter. They come in a variety of colors, from pink to red to green to white to red to pink… and now there’s a black one!

Red Dogwood (Cornus)

These shrubs are most well-known for their deep red winter stems. This plant is very architectural and can be used as a backer for a border.


These plants are versatile and can produce unusual flowers in the summer, as well as beautiful leaves and shapes in the winter. They can be very irritating and so it is important to use caution when cutting them down. Just use gloves when you have to prune them.


Viburnum can be grown to a variety of sizes and colors. You should choose one that fits your garden. It looks amazing when it is in bloom now, in December.


This is a very underrated plant that provides winter color. You can grow winter flowering heather in pots in white, pink, and purple.


These are not my favorites, but I am slowly warming to them due to their incredible flower power. They are so delicate, yet they can withstand being covered in snow or frost and still flower.


The above ideas are only the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of things you can do to make your gardens look good in winter and provide extra value throughout the year. Don’t worry if your summer garden looks lifeless at this time of year. Your garden can look just as good in all seasons, thanks to some creative winter garden ideas.

Real Men Sow
Real Men Sow

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