How to Give Your Garden a Makeover

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When those long, warm summer days hit, you’ll want to spend as much time in the garden as possible. Naturally, summer’s the perfect time to enjoy your garden with family and friends. So why not give it a fresh look beforehand? Below, we explore how you can give your garden a makeover.

Garden Makeover with Fresh paint

How to Give Your Garden a Makeover

Whether it’s the garden fence, your gate shed, or plant pots, some fresh paint can revitalise the look of your garden. The weather will naturally wear down any paint in your garden – giving it a fresh lick of paint can make your woodwork appear new again. Just simply choose a colour you think would work with your garden, before applying the paint yourself, or by hiring a professional. 

Add Lighting to Give your Garden a Makeover

How to Give Your Garden a Makeover

Sure, the days are longer in summer, and you’ll be able to enjoy some beautiful evenings and sunsets. But you can extend the day further by adding some ambient lighting to your garden. By adding outdoor solar lanterns to your garden, you can continue to sit outside with friends and family well into the night. The beauty of solar lanterns is that they draw all their energy from the sun. You won’t need to worry about unsightly cables running across your garden. These lanterns will be powered by the sunlight they absorb during the day. 

Garden Makeover by Adding a bar

Mini bar

A carefully designed garden bar can make your space ideal for entertaining guests. You can go for a comprehensive outdoor bar, complete with high chairs and a wine fridge. Or you could go for something more lowkey, by adding a small, rustic bar to house your favourite gins and wines over summer. Ultimately, the key is to create a relaxing sitting area to go with a practical bar that fits in with the style of your garden. You can achieve this by building your own DIY space or by purchasing a ready-made bar for installation. 

Utilise vertical space

Hanging Basket

Using vertical space can help elevate the appearance of your garden too. If your garden’s tight, or if you’re simply looking for alternative ways of changing its appearance, you can benefit from utilising vertical space. This could be in the form of hanging baskets, that bring colour and vitality to your walls. Or it could be in the form of creating herb gardens on living walls to combine a practical and aesthetic element to your garden. Either way, it’s well worth exploring what you can do with unused spaces.


Spending time in your garden can boost your mental health and wellbeing. And by following the guide above, you can make your garden an even more enticing place to spend your time. 

Real Men Sow
Real Men Sow

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