Valerian Plant Growing Guide And Tips

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Common valerian (Valeriana officinalis) is a perennial herbaceous perennial that can withstand harsh conditions. Its primary use is being a herbal medicine, but it’s also a beautiful garden plant. It has tall stems that are topped by white flowerheads of many small blooms.

Are valerian plants bee-friendly?

Valerian plant is loved by bees. Common valerian is also known as all-heal, Garden Heliotrope, and St George’s herbal. Because the plant is so attractive to cats, it’s also called a cat’s valerian.

Are valerians toxic?

Valerian root is a medicine that has sedative, calming, and other properties. It is confusing to say that the plant commonly known as red valerian, which can be seen on banks and walls, especially along with coast areas, is not valerian but rather belongs to the genus Centranthus.Valerian

How To Grow Valerian Plant

In moist soil, plant valerian in an unstructured area. To avoid self-seeding, remove any flower stems that have fallen off during summer flowering. Then, trim all remaining growth once it has finished in autumn. Propagate using seed, division, and cuttings.

Where To Grow Valerian

You can grow valerian in a cottage or wild garden. It should be near a stream or pond. Place in full sun or partial shade. Valerian flower stems can reach 1-1.5m high from a basal clump, so plant in the middle or back border.

How To Plant Valerian

You can plant them in spring or autumn, and in mild winter spells. You can also plant summer Valerian as long as you keep the plants hydrated for the rest of the growing season.

How To Propagate Valerian

You can grow Valerian from spring seed, softwood cuttings from spring shoots, or established clumps that were divided in spring or fall. You can either sow the seed directly in the area where they will grow in mid-to late spring or cover it with containers in early spring so that you can plant it outdoors in spring. Valerian can also self-seed, so you might find new plants from one plant in your garden.

How To Care For Valerian Plants

Once established, valerian needs little care. The plants are susceptible to self-seeding so cut the flowers and the stems before they become seed.

How To Harvest And Use Valerian Plant

Valeriana Officinalis, a medicinal component of common valerian is its root. After the plant has been established for at least two years, you can then begin to dig up the roots. Wash the roots thoroughly, with the exception of the fibrous ones on the exterior. Dry the roots in an open area such as an outside house or outdoors.

You cannot take valerian for long periods of time or in large quantities. Always consult a doctor, pharmacist, or a qualified herbalist before self-medicating.

Is it easy to grow valerian plant?

Once established, Valerian is trouble-free.

Advice On Buying Valerian

You can purchase valerian as garden-ready plants at nurseries, garden centers, herb specialists, or by mail order.

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