Best Position For A Greenhouse: Where To Start Greenhouse

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Although you may only have one spot for your greenhouse, it is worth choosing the best. A spot that gets maximum sunlight and light, and is not subject to frost pockets or cold winds will be ideal.

It may also seem like a shame to give up a prime spot or a productive spot in your garden to increase production, the added benefits of being able to grow crops all year, increasing the growing season, seedling growth, and overwintering tender plants make it worth the sacrifice.

How To Choose The Best Greenhouse Position

Ensure Your Greenhouse Has Plenty Of Light

Your greenhouse should not be placed directly under trees. They will cast shade that encourages green alga to grow, blocking more light. Additionally, falling leaves and branches can damage guttering and cause damage. Glass and plastic can become sticky and dirty from honeydew caused by insects. Tree roots can cause damage to foundations, making it difficult to plant in the beds.

Site Your Greenhouse Where It’s Convenient

You will be frequenting your greenhouse, especially during summer, so make it easy to reach and as close to the house as you can. It doesn’t matter if you visit the greenhouse for damping down, daily watering, opening, and closing doors, venting doors, or simply grabbing some tomatoes to go with your lunch.

Set Your Greenhouse On Level Ground

Avoid placing your greenhouse on a slope. It is technically possible but it would be difficult because the inside staging must be horizontal. It is best to not place it at the bottom of a slope. This can create a frost pocket that allows coldness to linger, which can make it difficult for winter growth.

Best Direction For Positioning Your Greenhouse

Site Your Greenhouse East To West

You can grow crops year-round by aligning the ridge of your structure so that it runs east-west. This will maximize sunlight during winter. This will allow it to heat up faster after cold nights. If you are only planning to grow summer crops it is a good idea to align the ridge north-south. This gives each side equal sun and reduces overheating during the hottest days.

Make Sure There’s Space Around Your Greenhouse

You should ensure that there is at least 1m space around your structure. This will make it easier to put it up, as well as making it easier for you to clean it or walk past it. This will ensure that no fences or other structures are too close to the space, which can cause shade and hinder ventilation.

Best Good Soil For Greenhouse

If you plan to plant directly in your garden beds, make sure you have good soil. Otherwise, you will be asking a lot of it. Raised beds are a good choice, as they can be used to improve poor soil. Avoid stony and rocky ground as they can slow down construction.

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