Growing Euphorbia Plant In The UK

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Euphorbia is a shrubby plant with hardy varieties that are great garden plants for many situations depending on their preference and size.

Euphorbias can be grown easily and they look stunning all year. Euphorbias are a good companion to colourful shrubs and perennials, as they add structure and texture to mixed plantings.


How To Grow Euphorbia Plants

Euphorbias can be grown in moist, well-drained soil that is under partial to full sun. Use them as a foil to other bright colours, or as part of an urban forest scheme. Mulch each year with leaf mold.

Where to Plant Euphorbia Plant

Euphorbias require sun and well-drained soil. Some Euphorbias can tolerate shade and thrive under trees and shrubs as ground cover.

Steps to Plant Euphorbia Plant

Dig a large hole for pot-grown Euphorbias. Then add compost or leaf mold to the hole. To prevent weeds and keep moisture in the soil, water your Euphorbia well after it has been planted.

Taking Care of Euphorbias

Euphorbias don’t require special care or feeding as long as they are growing in the right conditions. After the blooms have faded, it is a good idea to cut back flowering stems. You must wear gloves when handling euphorbias. Their milky sap can irritate the skin and eyes and could be poisonous if inhaled.

Propagating Euphorbia Plants

Take cuttings of euphorbias in spring to propagate them. To protect yourself from the sap, make sure to wear gloves

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