How to Grow Nemesia Plants

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The colourful perennials and annuals Nemesia plants have beautiful, fragrant flowers that bloom from late spring through to fall. Its flowers come in many colours including white, orange, pink, purple and blue. Some even have bi-coloured flowers. The Nemesia plants are compact and bushy, so they can be grown in pots or at the border. They also look great in hanging baskets.


How to Grow Nemesia

For summer displays, nemesias can be grown in pots or well-draining beds. Nemesias can be purchased as plug plants in thespring, or as ready-to-garden plants in the late spring and summer. Some nemesias are easily grown from seeds. After the frosts, plant in a sunny place in well-drained soil. To encourage more blooms, make sure to deadhead the plant. You can keep perennial nemesias in flower by moving them to a sunny spot for overwintering.

Where to Grow Nemesias

Nemesias need to be in full sun for good flowering. As long as the soil drains well, you can plant nemesias indoors or outdoors in pots, pots, hanging baskets, and raised beds. These plants can be grown together or as a small group with other summer-flowering patio plants.

Plant Nemesia in Pots and Outdoors

Most nemesia plants can withstand frost and should only be planted after the danger of frost has passed. To ensure drainage, use a multi-purpose, peat-free compost for pots, feel free to add vermiculite or perlite. If containers or pots are placed on a hard surface, elevate them so that any excess water can drain away. The spacing of nemesia plants should be between 15-25 cm, depending on the variety and the container. Water in after planting.

Taking Care of Nemesia Plants (Generally and Overwinter)

You can water the compost as needed to keep it moist, but be careful not to overwater because nemesia plants can root and stem rot. Every couple of weeks, fertilize the plant with a liquid fertilizer rich in potash. To keep your plant looking young and healthy, trim off any dead or faded flowers. To prevent straggly stems, trim them to keep the plant neat.

You can keep perennial nemesias alive in winter by placing them in a frost-free area that is not too warm. This could be a greenhouse, porch or conservatory heated, or a windowsill in a cool place. They are susceptible to rot if they aren’t given enough water in winter.

Propagating Nemesias

Nemesia plants can be grown from seeds. Sow the seeds under cover at 15°C in spring, then transplant the seedlings to small pots.

Cuttings from non-flowering shoots in the late summer can be used to make Nemesia hybrids. Once rooted, place each plant in its own pot and let it grow in a warm area over the winter.


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