Greenhouse Ventilation Basics For Gardeners

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The microclimate conditions that affect the health of plants under shelters are critical to their survival. This mechanism has many derived benefits.

Indoor And Outdoor Greenhouse Ventilation In A Greenhouse

A ventilation system keeps the temperature inside a greenhouse from exceeding the outside temperature. This could be due to the strong influence of solar radiation through the glazing material.

Ventilation systems can move air through the crop and into the soil, removing excess heat and preventing excessive temperature buildup. Let’s take a look at some common problems that greenhouses without proper air circulation face.

Problems Related To Ventilation In Greenhouses

The greenhouse’s air stratification is the main factor. Everyone knows that hot air rises up, but efficient air displacement should result in a minimum of 2degF difference between the greenhouse and the surrounding environment. This will have a significant positive effect on the morphology and physiology, as well as the reproduction of plants.

Humidity In Greenhouses

Humidity is just as important in greenhouses as temperature. The problems associated with high humidity rates are well-known. These include fungal problems and high levels of Botrytis. Air circulation helps remove moisture from the plant canopy and creates a dry microclimate.

Condensation provides another environment that is favorable for the growth of disease organisms. Clear nights with radiant cooling will cool the plants to several degrees below the ambient temperature, but ventilation will reduce this difference.

In daylight hours, photosynthesis will deplete the carbon dioxide in the boundary layer of the air near the leaf. This depleted air will be replaced by moving air that has a higher carbon dioxide content.

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