Autumn Planting Guide For Best Harvest

Last Updated on February 15, 2022 by Real Men Sow

Autumn planting is the best time to get some work done in the garden! Containerized trees and shrubs are plants supplied in pots rather than root balled/bare-root, can be planted at any time of the year.

However, it should be provided that the soil is not too hard from extreme frost or extreme drought BUT professional gardeners/landscapers prefer to plant in autumn / early winter. This is important for a variety of reasons.

Plants that are planted in Autumn/early Winter will have the best chance of establishing fully and require minimal maintenance.


Because the temperature drops steadily in autumn, plants that were planted in autumn are less likely to need watering.

Why It’s Better To Plant In Autumn

The Spring and Summer of 2014 were great years for rain, sometimes a lot! It has also meant that this autumn will be a productive time to plant because the soil is generally in a good state of health. It is warm, moist, and easy to dig.

Plants that were planted in autumn can be allowed to settle before the harsh winter months. This is usually in January/February. If the weather becomes consistently colder, the plants will become dormant until March.

Garden Layout Changes For Autumn Planting

They will be able to flourish in the late spring/early summer because they have had ample time to establish their roots. It is a great time to make changes to your garden, add new areas, re-design the entire garden, or finally plant those desired specimen trees and shrubs.

Autumn is the season for nature’s planting! If you are thinking of planting Trees and Shrubs, then now is the best time 

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