Easy Herbs and Veggies To Begin Your Indoor Garden

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In the past few years, global restrictions confined many of us to our homes. We soon discovered that we are a society of people who need activity. Many of us began to look for ways to keep ourselves entertained during long days of solitude. There is an interesting article on the Lottoland blog that gives us suggestions that help address boredom. 

This article focuses on one of the hottest trends for hobbyists in the UK, indoor gardening. Creating an indoor garden is fun, and healthy. Enjoying herbs, fruits, and veggies that you grew yourself is always a thrill. But, getting started is sometimes intimidating. We have constructed a list of a few herbs and veggies that are easy to grow indoors. These plants are an excellent starting point for the new indoor gardener.

Salad greens

You can grow these varieties of leafy greens indoors. You have the option of harvesting them in the baby leaf stage, or waiting until they’re full grown. Grow your salad-greens as cut-and-come-again plants. You simply harvest a few of the outer leaves from each plant and let it keep growing new leaves. 

You can grow your greens close together. This is relative if you plan to pick them early. Begin sowing seeds two inches apart. Depending on how large you want them to grow, you can thin the seedlings to four to eight inches apart. 

Cherry Tomatoes

The best place to grow your cherry tomatoes is in natural light. A southern facing window is the perfect location. If you do not have a sunny window to start them in, you can use artificial light sources. The cherry tomato plant is perfect for new gardeners.

Place chicken wire around the pot or starter container so your vines can latch as they grow. The tomatoes will grow toward the light.

Allow your soil to get dry between waterings and be sure you use a well-draining soil. Note: diluted granular fertilizer works best with this plant. 

Garlic Greens

Garlic is an easy indoor plant. Because indoor plants do not have exposure to winter chill hours, the bulb will not form. However, the garlic greens are delicious. Use them like you would scallions, raw or cooked. The greens have a mild flavor that is a cross of garlic and onion flavors.

Plant garlic cloves with the point facing up. Plant them two inches apart and two inches deep. When the greens are about six to eight inches tall, they are ready to (lightly) harvest. 


There are many herbs that grow well indoors. Herbs need sunlight, water, and a well-draining pot. Use a tray under your plants to protect window sills or tables. 

Here are some herbs that will thrive indoors.

  • Basil

Start basil from seeds. The pots need a south-facing window. They require sun, water, and warmth. Keep your soil moist but not over-watered. For fuller growth, pinch the tops often.

  • Bay

Bay laurel grows best in an east or west-facing window. It only needs partial light. The plant grows thick and will need thinning as it gets crowded. Bay leaves are a delicious addition to stews and sauces. Bay needs air circulation to thrive.

  • Oregano

Oregano grows low and spreads. Plant it in a south-facing window. Oregano does not need as much water as other herb plants. Water when the soil is dry to the touch, but not before. Keep the plant well trimmed to keep it healthy. 

  • Thyme

While time likes full but, it will thrive at a slower pace in an east or west-facing window. This is an easy plant. Keep the soil moist and harvest the sprigs often to keep the plant healthy. To dry thyme leaves, cut the stems and tie them into bunches. Hang the bunches in a dry location. Place them here there is ample air circulation and out of the sun. 

Recommended Plant


Radishes are a favorite indoor plant in the UK. Plant them in a deep container, because they need a lot of soil. They thrive well with little direct sunlight. The solid must be moist so be sure to use a container with sufficient drainage. Radishes are delicious and grow easily indoors.


Indoor gardening is just one example of a hobby that is rewarding, stress-relieving, and fun. As we move forward into our new society, we are concerned with health, balance, and self-discovery. If you have yet to discover ways to use your spare time, we urge you to try indoor gardening. Further, click on the attached link and find other ideas for ways you can enjoy your life and restore balance. 

Real Men Sow
Real Men Sow

Hello, I’m Pete and I’m currently based in the west of Scotland, in a small place called Rosneath, where I’m exploring my garden adventures. I personally started gardening around 6 years ago and initially, I started out by growing my favorite fruits and berries, such as strawberries, Raspberries & Gooseberries. Since then I’ve added a lot of vegetables and working closely with my neighbor, it’s been a lot of fun.