Top Tips For Watering Your Garden

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Gardening is a relaxing pastime which has many mental health benefits. Making your garden look neat and presentable can evoke feelings of pride and joy from all the hard work you are putting in. Finding out about the different plant types and which will work in your garden can be so much fun. 

If you are new to gardening one of the first things you will learn to do is water and feed your garden. Keeping your outdoor space healthy is important so here are some tips to help you do that and encourage it to grow. 

Soil moisture levels

Soil Moisture Level

When you are taking care of your plants there is a fine line between the correct amount of water and over or under watering them. Different types of soil react to water in different ways as well, so there is a lot to think about. 

Sandy soil holds less water than clay soil which means it will dry out quicker than clay soil. Clay soil, however, can be susceptible to overwatering as it may look dry but there is water being retained below the surface. Adding a compost or mulch layer helps to keep the soil healthy and also helps to absorb and hold water. 

Water in the morning 

Water Your Plants In The Morning

In the warmer months, it is better for your plants that you water them either first thing in the morning or later in the evening. Adding water to your beds gradually with automatic watering to prevent overwatering.

The British weather also plays a part in keeping our flowerbeds damp. When there is a lot of rain you can put the watering can away and let nature take its course. However, if there is a dry spell you will need to keep on top of it regularly. 

Remember to keep the leaves of your plants as dry as possible helps to prevent diseases such as leaf mould and even burn marks from the sun. 

Avoid waterlogging


Oxygen is vital for plants to grow and thrive. If you overwater a plant, the soil becomes waterlogged. This means that the oxygen in the soil will be suppressed and will not be able to reach the roots. If this continues for a while, the plant will not be able to grow and could even die. 

It is best practice to let the soil dry out slightly before you water it again to make sure that oxygen can penetrate and get close to the roots again. 

Trees need watering too

Watering Trees

It is not only smaller plants that need care and attention when it comes to watering. Trees absolutely need watering too to help them grow and stay healthy. 

It is recommended that newly planted trees and shrubs are thoroughly soaked two to three times a week for the first month they are in your garden. After that, weekly watering should suffice. More established trees that are two years or older only need to be watered every two weeks in dry spells. 

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