Designing Front Gardens: Notes to Keep Your Front Yard Beautiful

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Front YardIn cities and towns, front gardens are an important part of the landscape. They can bring life to grey streets and help reduce pollution, then it can make us feel good about our surroundings.

It takes careful planning to create a front yard. It is possible to limit your design options and space for off-street parking and wheelie bins. This doesn’t mean front gardens cannot be beautiful, useful, and friendly to wildlife. It is important to keep it simple and make sure that all plants and materials are well-integrated.

6 Design Tips For Front Gardens

  • Your design should work from the indoors. Consider what you would like to see through the windows
  •  You should use surfaces that allow water to pass, such as gravel, permeable setts, or grass sown in heavy-duty plastic modules.  
  • Avoid creating a path from the pavement to your front door. Visitors will always find a way around it.
  • Do not use fine gravel or a loose surface right up to the door or It will be trampled through the house.
  • Avoid putting paving or soil against your house wall or they’ll be the cause of damp problems.
  • Ask for planning permission before you erect any paving. This can increase the risk of flooding in your area.

Complementary Colors To Use When Designing Front Gardens

Use colour to match the tones and colours of your house. The front garden should feature low-maintenance plants in a variety of shades of green. It’s best to be accented by loose slate tiles, chippings and other landscaping materials.

The slate path is complemented by the door awning and window frames. The garden is further enhanced by climbing roses, which soften the walls of the house. Both the front door and woodshop are painted black.

Money-Saving Tip: Loose materials are more affordable than solid ones like paving stones. They also allow water to percolate in the soil and prevent flooding. Landscape fabric should be laid under loose materials to prevent weeds from growing and allow rainwater through.

White Should be Your Focal Point

The style of a garden’s entrance can instantly set its tone. A welcoming white wooden gate is surrounded with cottage-style planting and signals that there’s an amazing cottage garden just waiting to be discovered.

White can be a dominant color but is only used in very small quantities. You may find it a little too bright for your garden. Before you make your decision, try different colours.

Money-Saving Tip: look for second-hand or reclaimed gates and give them a new coat of paint.

Containers can be used to Enhance Paved Spaces on Front Gardens

An amazing amount of plants can be grown in containers and pots. This is the front yard, and all plants were grown in pots. The foliage and flowers are hidden behind trailing flowers.

Take the time of plant watering and feeding of plants into account before choosing a wide variety of plants to grow. The largest pots are the best because it gives you the opportunity to grow multiple plants in one container and save water.

Money-Saving Tip: Recycle and upcycle containers. You can use anything, from large olive oil tins to old sinks.

Topiaries Would Give Your Front Garden a Formal Look 

If you have a symmetrical home with a central entrance, consider a formal layout. These situations are ideal for topiary trees and shrubs, such as the cloud-pruned container.

For best results, plant your specimens in a symmetrical manner, such as by your front door.

Money-Saving Tip: You can find very convincing fake terracotta or faux lead planters available on the market. They are lighter than real ones and cost less.

Hanging Baskets Can Add Height and Colour

Hanging baskets can be used to soften the front of a house and break up the brick walls. To keep the display bright and inviting, change the plants every season.

Choose flower or foliage colors that match your front door or house bricks.

Money-Saving Tip: You can either start your own bedding plants or purchase plugs in the spring to grow them later. Summer bedding plants should be kept indoors until the last frost.

Pots Should be of Different Sizes

The same terracotta finish can be used to bring together a variety of vibrant plants from pots of different sizes. The pots should be arranged according to their size. For passers-by, and visitors to appreciate, add fragrant plants.

Money-Saving Tip: You can save a lot of money by purchasing seasonal plants in large quantities.

Add Height to Any Place Possible

Even a small area can be made taller by planting some trees or shrubs. One small tree or shrub can make a big difference, and they can all be grown in large containers. Grasses make a wonderful addition to a sunny front yard and they can keep their form throughout the winter. Let ornamental grasses grow tall throughout the winter. You can wait until spring to trim them and clean them up.

Money-Saving Tip: Grasses grow quickly and can bulk up quickly, so don’t waste money on large plants.

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