8 Fast Growing Climbing Plants That Grow Quickly

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Climbing plants can be used to cover walls, fences, and narrow borders and add interest and wildlife value. These covers also require very little soil space so you can grow more plants in your garden. Most climbing plants take lots of patience to grow. Thus, this blog will help you sort out the fastest growing climbing plants to decorate your fences, walls, or borders!

What type of Fast-Growing Climbing Plants are out There?

There are many types of climbers available. These range from true climbers that have a natural climbing habit to shrubs that can be trained to grow against walls, provided they receive the right pruning and support. Some climbers are annual and can cover an area in a short time. Others will take longer to grow. Many climbers can be self-clinging so you don’t need to create a structure. Others will require tying in. So which plant is the most suitable for you?

Top 8 Fast-Growing Climbing Plants You Should Consider Growing

Clematis tangutica

A late flowering variety that bears yellow nodding flowers followed by fluffy, decorative seed heads. Bumblebees love its blooms and birds use the seed heads as nesting material. If it is not controlled, it can grow to be quite large. To keep it under control, cut back in spring.

Sweet pea

Grow sweet pea and cover your tall walls! It is an annual climber that can cover a trellis or obelisk quickly and produce a lot of fragrant blooms throughout the summer. These flowers are very popular among leafcutter bees. Some varieties can be tethered to their supports, while others require clinging.

Perennial sweet pea as fast-growing climbing plant

A perennial cousin to the sweet pea will cover a wall or fence for a season before dying down completely in winter. Assist with the initial setup and attach stems to the frame. While pink flowers are common, some cultivars produce white flowers. Its blooms are not fragrant, unlike sweet peas.

Rambling RosesRambling roses

Rambling roses can climb very high and cover fences or walls quickly if they are supported. Some roses, like the ‘Rambling Rector”, can be grown in partial shade. Rambling roses can provide birds with shelter over time. Make sure to give your plants plenty of space by tying the shoots into wires or a trellis.

Nasturtium Climbing Plant

The annual climber is very easy to grow. It has a natural trailing habit that you can use to build a pergola or trellis. The flowers are loved by bumblebees and caterpillars of large and small white butterflies love the leaves. The leaves and flowers can be eaten alone, but the whole plant can also be used to repel whitefly from other crops.

Virginia creeper

Has beautiful autumn colour and is an excellent climber for building a house, large wall or any other structure. Because of its vigorous habits, it is not suitable for small gardens and requires extensive maintenance to maintain its growth. For the first few years, provide support and then prune every year.

Russian vine

A very vigorous climber and should not be used without extreme caution. It is deciduous and can quickly overtake entire gardens. If you don’t manage it well, you may upset neighbours.


A fast-growing and edible climber is immediately the best choice. The ornamental white flowers and egg-shaped fruits are the next best. The vigorous vine can be grown in a sunny spot with a pergola or trellis. You can also try ‘Jenny,’ which is self-fertile without the need for a pollination partner.

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