Small Vegetables To Grow in Pots Fast & Easy

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Here is a thing. As a beginner gardener, it is hard to find the best vegetables to grow in pots, especially with too much advice out there. Here are the top 9 vegetables to grow in pots or containers as a beginner:

Which Vegetables Grow Well in Pots for Beginners?

Plant Potatoes

Potatoes are ideal to grow in containers provided that they are watered well and the container is big. Its early varieties are recommended for growing in pots since they mature quicker and are harvested before having the common potato disease or blight.

Vegetable Grown in PotsGrow Lettuce

Salad Crops are one of the easiest and quickest crops to grow. Sow your lettuce seeds on the surface of your compost and cover them over with a fine layer of compost. It’s also possible to sprinkle them to get a mat of baby leaf salad leaves. If You want a full head of lettuce, sow them in spaces.

Include Radish in the Pots

Radishes that are homegrown are crunchy and have a slightly spicy flavor. The ‘CherryBelle’ and ‘French Breakfast’ are the most popular varieties that are easy to grow and take 4 weeks from seed to harvest. They can grow well in pots because of their size. 

Baby Carrots

Baby Carrots are ideal to be grown in pots because they are harvested at an immature stage. It’s best to grow them in pots so you can use fine compost for them to grow fine straight roots.

Grow Spring Onions

Spring Onions, also known as Scallions only need little space and can be planted in bunches. They’re perfect to grow in pots and look fantastic in them. Sow them in a small pot every 2 or 3 weeks to get continuous harvest all throughout the Summer.

Plant Beetroot & Swiss chard

Beetroots are easy to grow and suited to grow in containers using quality compost. You’ll only have to sow 1 beetroot seed in a 5l pot. It’s recommended that you grow smaller baby beets in pots instead of larger ones since they tend to become woody and unpleasant if their growth isn’t checked often. 

Chard produces new leaves after harvesting. It’s recommended that you only grow 1 plant per 5l pot.

Grow Peas & Beans in Pots

Peas and Beans grow well in pots but require bigger pots that can fit plant support. However, other varieties like ‘Tom Thumb’ and ‘Purple Teepee’ don’t need support because they don’t climb. They also stay productive as long as you harvest them constantly.

Plant Tomatoes

Tomatoes grow well in containers provided that they are fed well. A single plant demands many nutrients as they grow plenty of crops. A poultry manure and seaweed pellets should be mixed with your compost. They also need liquid tomato feed that is high in potassium.

You can either grow the climbing variety or the bush variety. However, the climbing varieties tend to produce more crops than bush varieties. 

Growing Kale in Pots

Kale is a nutritious vegetable that are hardy for they can survive all but the worst winter temperatures. The ‘Russian Kale’ and ‘Nero Di Toscana Italian’ are the varieties recommended for growing in pots. They appreciate a well fed compost along with poultry manure. Keep in mind that the size of the plant is relative to the size of the pot it was grown in and the nutrients you made available.

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