Speedwell Symptoms and How to get rid of it

Speedwell Weed Identification and How to Get Rid of It

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Speedwell weed spreads through lawns and borders and produces tiny blue flowers. It spreads via seeds in spring and fall to form strong taproots.

Other sources refer to speedwell (veronica officinalis) as an easy flower to plant, however, many gardeners are indeed want to get rid of this weed as it takes away important nutrients from their main plants.

If you didn’t know about this type of weed, you probably want to read more about common weeds to remove.


Speedwell Weed Symptoms

Speedwell is a plant that appears in lawns, which inhibits the growth of grass and spreads to other areas if it is not controlled.  You can easily recognize this weed by the image above and its signature blue flowers.

How To Get Rid Of Speedwell Weed?

Organic Way

It is best to remove speedwell from borders organically. Increase the height of your lawn so that it is shaded by the grass. Also, ensure that the sward remains dense and healthy to compete with the weed.

Chemical Way

Spot-treat lawns with a weed killer, such as a 2,4 D-based herbicide, in spring or early summer, when the growth is at its strongest. You can repeat this process throughout the summer if necessary. Use the chemical in cool, humid, and still conditions to reduce the risk of it drifting onto or damaging nearby plants.

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