How To Repot a Cacti? 6 Key Steps For Your Indoor Cacti

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Cacti like mammillaria and rebutia make beautiful, low-maintenance houseplants. They are great for brightening up a sunny windowsill. If you’re thinking of repotting cacti in your home, consider the next sections to find out the best tips for your plant.

How To Grow Cacti Indoors?

Cacti should be grown in specialist cacti compost, or in free-draining compost to get the best results. Terracotta pots work well because they are porous and allow for water and airflow. Plastic pots retain more water, so water your plants less often and make sure the compost doesn’t dry out too much.


How To Repot a Cacti?

Cacti require watering in spring and the summer, contrary to what you might believe. Allow the compost to dry between watering, until September when it will need less water to ensure dormancy.

Repot your cacti every three to four years or whenever the roots reach the sides of the pot. This will prevent them from becoming pot bound. Here are the steps.

What Do You Need To Repot a Cacti?

We got you a short checklist, make sure you got these items before you follow the steps in the next paragraph.

  • Tea towel or sheets of newspaper
  • A larger pot
  • Free-draining compost or cactus compost
  • Fork
  • Horticultural grit
  • Watering can

Steps To Repot Cacti at Home

Step 1: Make a loop with a tea towel or roll layers of newspaper. To protect your hands from the sharp spines, wrap it around the body of the Cactus.

Step 2: Gently lift the plant from its pot onto its side. Next, use the tea towel to grab the plant and gently remove it from its pot.

Step 3: Choose a larger pot than the one you have, and fill it half with specialist cacti compost.

Step 4: Check the roots for signs and symptoms of disease or pests. Use a fork to gently pull out roots that are too compressed.

Step 5: Use the tea towel looped to lift the cactus from its old pot. Position it in the same position as before.

Step 6: Add more compost to the area around the root ball. Firm it gently to eliminate air pockets. Then, top-dress with grit. Water after repotting.

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